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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

We did it. I think we were a couple minutes late, but still. We did an hour. I took a few pictures of our little family reading (Jess reading to the girls). Next year I'm going to try to get the word out more. I'd wanted to do a reminder post all day, but things kept getting in the way. ahwell It felt good to hear Jess tell and remind the girls that we were doing without lights to try to do our part to save Mother Earth. He wasn't totally on board when I told him about it, but he totally supported the activity when it came right down to it. Amazing that he was home, huh!?? :)

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vicki said...

Neato. Congrats on doing it AND, most importantly, teaching-by action-your children.
I planned to do it, but plans changed last minute. Forgot. Wasn't home. Saw Eddie at work, though. A gift enabled us to go to Red Lobster.

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