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Monday, August 13, 2012

Meditation Monday

Meditating continues to go well, though not as strictly this past week as in weeks before.  I simultaneously conducted a fast from food for 5 days while continuing to meditate.  On the fifth day I felt so physically weak that I didn't think I could physically complete the 6 minutes that constitute the most intense parts of my series and so considered not meditating.  However, I ended up meditating in a chair that provided a tiny bit of support and I was able to complete my minmum daily goal.  YEAY!  :)

One exception this week... I got sick on Saturday (running to the potty ALL day and even more through the night) and was very very tired and weak.  I should've meditated early in the day, in which case I would've been able to complete my regular meditation.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda... anyway, I did only a calm heart meditation.  It was very short.  But I did feel better for the doing.  Still holding the coarse with daily meditation and making alterations and allowances as the day and evil thereof requires.  :)

Today is day 70 of my meditation journey.  It is also day 43 since I added the conquering anger meditation.

All in all, I highly recommend meditation for any and everyone.  It is totally working for me!  ^_^


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