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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mind Your Own Business

I've been told directly and indirectly and read that numerous people promote the idea of "minding one's own business."

What is that?  What is my business?  What fits the category as something that is "my" business?

I honestly wonder how it is that anyone can think that anything big, like laws, are not the business of all over whom they are supposed to 'control.'  A law, wether directed at me specifically, will impact my world - somehow.  It just will.

If you know anything about, say, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child... then you know that, ultimately, my children are not even "my own business."  Aren't my children my business?  Shouldn't I have the right to raise them as I see fit (within reason: no abuse and other such wrong-ness)?  I really believe my children are my business.

So, what about my health?  Is that my business?  According to Codex Alimentarius... nope.  But to take a phrase coined for another area that I consider wrongness: "But it's my body!"  I really do think that my body is my business and the right and ability to care for it (and those of my children who literally came from my body) is my business.

Is the Constitution and upholding it my business?  Apparently, according to the liberals from whom I've heard: definitely not.  First, and foremost, I should not have the right to own automatic or semi-automatic weapons.  But the Constitution protects the citizen's right to own guns.  It does not stipulate kind.  And I believe our forefathers would suggest, as I do, that if the criminals have it, the law abiding citizen should be able to, also.  But if the right to own automatic-whatevers ends, when will the government stop trying to take that which our forefathers tried to guarantee you and me for our own protection... against the government?  When?  At what point?  Will the regular citizen be able to continue to own a handgun?  A shotgun?  A rifle?  What?  I think it's important that we all know their plan.  I really do.  Thus the status of gun rights is my business.

Those who promote "marriage equality" say that I need to get my heterosexual married self out of their business.  I need to stop promoting my agenda.  Ummm... I'm not the one trying to change the laws.  So, who is trying to advance whose own agenda?  Also, if homosexual marriage is legalized and recognized as the same things as a heterosexual marriage (and the gay people's/some liberals opinions and desires about marriage made law), there will come a time when such a recognized partnership will petition the courts to force the LDS church to allow them to be married in the Temple.  This is why "marriage equality" is my business.

Basically, I've been told to just shut up and mind my own business.  But, you see, I think if it has an impact on my world... well, then... it's my business.  Don't you???

To end, a quote: "We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty.  When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of American dies with it."  Edward R. Murrow

1 comment:

vicki said...

I appreciate Murrow statement.
Yep, those things ARE your business. Too bad more people don't make these important issues THEiR business. Less garbage would be getting passed in the UN and our National gov't.

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