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Monday, August 13, 2012

Just One More Minute More

And this one is meant to be
spent in telling me children
how much I love them.

How very glad I have always been
that I was given them and allowed
to be their Mama.

I would not be able to speak
I'd try to speak to Ria and Kat.

They, together, might be able
to remember my words
for the rest.

I'd hug the littlest close,
while hugging my older girls
with my words and my eyes.

Then I'd grab them up
and hold them near
until whatever end arrived.

How could I ever say all
that I might want to say?
I won't.  I couldn't.

That's why I say it daily.
A little bit here.
A lot there.

Making sure,
with my parents, husband and children
that there would be no need for three last minutes.

They know how I love them
cherish them
and am eternally grateful for them.

And if they don't.
They simply
have not been listening.

They have not heard my words.
Or understood my actions.
They have not comprehended.

For every day,
I try throughout
and in ever way!

To say in kind and
directing (raise 'em up good) tones
to convey pure love.

I am not God.
But I strive to be


Robin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I'm following you back :)

vicki said...

I'm grateful my grandchildren hear those words and are learning the meanings of your acts of love.
love, mom

Tori Grant said...

Thanks for dropping by! I'm now your newest follower and looking forward to reading more.


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