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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forgetting to Eat

So, I'm still a fluffy female.  I've not lost any significant amount of weight or anything.  But I have experienced something with increasing frequency that I truly never thought I'd live to truthfully say happened to me. 

I have actually forgotten to eat.  Yes.  It's true.  And I didn't feel hungry for the forgetting, either.  In the past, I might've just not eaten, but the hunger pangs were talking to me the whole time.  Now, I do still have hunger pangs sometimes, but much less frequently than I used to.  I truly attribute this new experience to the brain changes I know are taking place as a result of meditation.  I'm sure the extended fast I did at the beginning of August could've sped things along and made a difference, too, but I think the biggest impact is due to the addiction meditation and meditating, in general.

Since the extended fast I've been trying to be more careful about mixing food and water.  Adding water right before or after eating can be super bad for those like me who have super sensitive guts.  I think the dramatic impact water can have in my digestion is because it dilutes the gastric juices that perform lots of digestive duties from the mouth to the stomach and onward.  This seems to have made a good difference (in combination with the fast itself, I'm sure).

I look forward to learning more changes in me as I progress in duration of my meditation journey.  I expect, given this change, that lots of things will improve over time - much faster than I was able to bring it to pass without this amazing tool in my life.  Praise God for His merciful leading!

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vicki said...

Interesting and wonderful!
much love, mom

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