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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday: August 17-23

I'm thankful I was able to go to church with my kiddos this past Sunday, stay the whole time, and hang out with the nursery children.  I love it when their regular teacher is present, but it was fun to be "in charge" for a day.  :)

I'm grateful for health.  It's amazing how quickly I take it for granted... and then realize what a gift and blessing it is when it's absent!

I'm thankful for the ability to change.  I'm grateful that, through Christ, when we rest in Him, we can truly hope for and expect changes to be permanent.  I sure am hoping....  ^_^

I'm thankful for my family.  I've been missing them a bit lately... so I just have to express gratitude that I am so blessed to know such wonderful people as those with whom I grew up (parents as well as siblings).

I knew my brother, John, was amazing when I realized how very convining he was as an actor.  Actually, I knew it before that... that bit of info just tipped the scales a bit.

I knew my brother, Josh, was amazing when he didn't give a hairy rat's ankle about our parents' blustery angry spoutings.  (Oh, come on!  Don't all parents do this at some point?????  Especially during their children's teen years!!??)

I knew my sister, Evelyn, was amazing when she still loved me no matter how much I acted like I didn't like her.  I wish I wasn't such a jerk when I was younger.  I still have jerk tendancies... please see above regarding change.

I knew my lil' (big) brother, Ben, was amazing when he would purposefully hurt himself just to make us (older siblings) laugh.  I mean, seriously... how could such a person be other than amazing??  He loved so big and so much he would hurt himself just to enjoy laughing with us... repeatedly.

I knew my lil' (ALSO big) brother, Eddie, was amazing when I read a story my Mom sent to me.  It had something to do with time travel.  I remember reading it and wishing I had such an amazing imagionation as he did.  The kicker?  He was in, like, SECOND grade and I was in colllege!  Seriously.

I'm absolutely sure I knew my parents were amazing before I arrived here because I wouldn't have agreed to take on all the stuff that has come as a result of this life if I didn't believe in all of us... my parents, my siblings... AND me.  Gosh, I wish I could remember why I believed in ME so much.  *sigh*  Hopefully I'll get there sometime soon... time is a tickin' afterall.

And they are still beyond amazing... for even more wonderous reasons!

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