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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreams, What Dost Thou Say?

I've had lots of dreams lately.  Unfortunately, I've been a bit too tired to write most of them down.  :(  I'm a big believer in dreams (and their ability to communicate things of importance to us) since I've had a few that have come to fruition AND since my husband has communicated to me some dreams that have come to pass!  Additionally, and arguably most importantly, the Bible refers to dreams as important and a blessing.

I recently had a dream in which I rode a bicycle on a winding path, which turned out to be a form of timetravel.  I remember feeling very disconcerted and upset at my findings... I just cannot remember what those findings are!  :(  In another dream remember crying out in the anguish of my soul, "My God!  Oh, My God!"  But I don't remember what could pull such a prayer of pain from me because I have made a commitment not to take the Lord's name in vain.

In another dream there was a shark.  I trapped the shark in one particular room and believed Jessie could deal with it.  We were having some guests over for some holiday meal or another and they arrived.  Jessie showed up (I'd told him about the shark) completely naked.  I was so upset with him and hauled him off by his ear.  (?)  I dragged him to the room that held the shark (forgetting that it was there), fussed at him, and left him there.  After leaving him there for a while, I remembered the shark and ran back as fast as I could.  I knocked over a huge shelf thing that divided the room from the rest of the room.  I kept calling for Jessie and he didn't respond me.  Then I started crying and heard something... turned out to be Jessie's voice muffled.  So I went in search of him, also on guard for the shark.  Turns out he was under an overturned couch.  He was bleeding and his right arm was completely gone.  He directed me in a matter-of-fact way to cut open the shark and get his arm out of the shark. I did even though I can barely stand to deal with meat to cook it, much less cutting a just alive thing up....  And that's it.

Interesting dreams (or parts of dreams), right?  I have my own interpretations, of course.  If you'd like to share any impressions, I'm up for it, too.  We all know, of course, that the dreamer is usually the best interpreter because the dreamer knows the rest of the story (the stuff that happens in the head, heart and life that impact and/or create the dream).

Do let me know what you'd think they mean, though.  If you want.  ^_^

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