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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Granted Another Minute

What if the one minute I’d been given
was extended into another?
Before, from my beloved, I was riven
I was allowed only one minute, not a whole nother.

What would I do?
What could I say?
How could a minute, I, not rue?
When it could take more than a day!

More than one day to say I was sorry
For limiting what we could’ve been.
Surely more than one day to comfort from worry
And lend support for what he must next begin.

How to fit all that and more
into a minute so lonely?
To consider it, my heart feels sore.
And if you think not, you’re full of baloney.

Cause we’ve been us almost half as long
as my life was long before him.
It’s with him that I feel I most belong
and my heart is full to the brim.

We’ve stuck when innumerable others
would’ve absconded with our druthers
and sent us apart saying, “Surely
it’s better to leave early.”

How could I confess
entirely, my thoughts, compress
to adequately convey my feeling
without turning blue and then reeling*.

I want the boon of another minute
but don’t know what to put in it.
How to adequately convey my love?
The thoughts flitter and fly away like a dove.

Would I, then, just hug him and hold him?
hoping to sear me into his body?
Trying to fill his mind with me, to the brim…
knowing mere memory is a replacement quite shoddy.

Surely I’d be unselfish enough
to release him to love another.
Just considering it is quite tough.
For wouldn’t she, my memory smother?

Ahhh, the torment of the thought.
Another minute could never be
enough to fill all too many a draught.
Do you know, can you see?

I’d want him to know
I’d forgiven him all,
was grateful for the chance to grow,
and was so glad for our sweet time in thrall.**

I’d have to ask him, holding him tight,
if he’d forgive me all, too,
if he’d keep me in our children’s sight,
and finally: I truly love you.

*reel: verb: revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis
**thrall: noun: the state of being under the control of another person  I do not mean this in a negative way… but in the way that lovers do what the other do for each other as a result of their love for one another.

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