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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hope, Faith, Charity and... Let's Add Compassion

It's not that I'm trying to reorder the order or anything, but I've been thinking so much about standards both of the world and God's and the difference between what He would have and what is commonly accepted.  Now, these thoughts pertain to lots of things, but I'm going to focus on what is most dear to my heart.  That is, of course, God and Godly things.

So, one thing I feel like I've realized as a truth (right from the Bible) is that the Holy Trinity is really incomplete.  You see, I believe God would still be who He and She are, but without man... well, God is not exactly a God.  Do you see it?  I mean, without man, who would worship God?  Isn't being a God about accepting the glory that is your due of those who you have created?  I think this is inherently necessary and part and parcel of the whole gig.  Now, I'm not saying that God was less than He is without man... He simply wasn't quite what He is WITH man.  Anyway...

Thus, my conviction has become that God, the Father, His son, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and man constitute the geometry of completion... true unity and wholeness.  So, instead of a triangle representing that which is complete and holy, a square, or, more appropriately, a basic diamond, is the more perfect representation of God.  This seems more accurate, really, to me.  For we rarely ever have any direct interaction with God, the Father.  However, Christ and the Holy Ghost are more interactive with man.  So, if we consider the most sacred geometric shape to be more of a diamond, man would be at one tip with God the Father at the opposite and Christ and the Holy Ghost on opposite points.

Changing this geometry really doesn't change much that IS.  However, it does create room for more.  For instance, there exists a triumverate of virtues that are commonly accepted as the most desireable and necessary.  A trio, like the Godhead.  But if we add man to the first, perhaps a fourth should be added to the most holy virtues, too.  At least, this is what I've been thinking.  And in my thinking, I've come to a decision.  Compassion is the virtue that will join the exiting three.  Now we have a quartet of the most necessary virtues.

And it makes perfect sense, really.  If you have love, you must have hope.  If you have love, you must have faith.  If you have any one, you must have one of the others.  So, too, I would argue, if any of the three are exstant, compassion will be also.  Whether it be full-blown 'Mother Theresa' type compassion... or merely a spark that can burst into flame... it is there.

Just somethings I've been thinking about.  What do you think about them?


1 comment:

vicki said...

I like the diamond concept!
I have always considered compassion as a part of charity.
I appreciate your thoughts.
with love, mom

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