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Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Things For Friday

I'm finally feeling significantly better most of the time.  My sleep issues persist, but I feel more able.  I feel particularly a great deal more endurance.  Able to do physically strenuous work for more than 30 minutes at a pop.  YEAY!

I made some more jam on Tuesday.  It turned out well.  I bet you'll never guess what fruit and/or vegetable I used to make it.  Oh, come on... take a guess anyway!  :)

Ria and Kat have been so much more self-motivated with school lately.  It's been a HUGE blessing and I've been super happy about the progress they have made with far less effort to cajole from me.  Praise the Lord!

I made some great chicken stock from a huge bag of complete legs (thigh and drumstick).  It's a lovely dark color because I roasted the bones.  I haven't tasted it, but it smells awesome.  I then proceeded to, basically, can it up.  The problem is... I didn't read the directions for my pressure canner BEFORE I put the broth in the jars.  GAHHHHHH!  So, needless to say (I hope you know I'm smart enough to NOT go through with the process... even though I had the canner all "battened down" and ready!), I've got a bunch of basically canned (the lids even pinged) chicken broth in my fridge.  I'm going to freeze it.  *sigh*  Note to self: read all the info in the pressure canner manual BEFORE going through the effort to can only to find out that you're doing it wrong and have to stop!)

I watched The Bourne Legacy.  WOWzers.  So much of truth and 'telling us of what is to come' in that one.  If I didn't have God big in me, I would be shiverin' under something and trying to figure out how to cope with day-to-day life.  (I know because that's the reaction I had when I first began to awaken to less than lovely aspects of our current world.


vicki said...

Pepper jam? Now you have tell me. I wanna Know!?!

So glad the girls are motivited in the school work. What do you think inspired them?

Is 5 4 fri a new tradition. Like it today!

sorry about the chicken broth going to freezer instead of the shelves. COngrats, though, on doing such...making the broth and storing it!

so very glad to read that your strength is increasing so much more.

with much love, always, mom

Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

Okay, I am guessing Zucchini jam. Man, if you could make a good jam out of that I would be so excited. I had a pile of them sitting on my counter looking for uses!

Tori said...

Nope. Neither guess is correct. Zucchini jam sounds like a good one to try. Unfortunately, though, my plants produced NOTHING and I will not buy 'em to experiment. I'd love to hear if you find a good recipe, though! :)

Eggplant jam. Yep. Delish!

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