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Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Things for Friday

The garden.  It's time to get it cleaned up a LOT more, seeds started, and swiftly set in the ground.  It's that time.  But I'm not getting it done.  :(  I'm just tired, yall!  So very tired.

If you don't already know about the problems with genetically modified organisms, I encourage you to become a tiny bit more informed by looking at this picture/posted.  I hope it might inspire you to gather more information and become an informer about this truth.  We need to know what's in our foods, but agribusiness has full-time lobbyists and we're not informed.  It's lame and we need to fight to gain the information we should've always had ready and constant acess to! 

I continue to feel less and less anger and more control over my thoughts and feelings.  I still struggle a lot, but the improvements continue and I feel they are increasing.  I attribute the increasing swiftness of the change to my brain (becoming more Christ's, I believe and hope!) to the daily meditation that I have added to scripture and prayer.  I'm grateful for this tool in my life!

We've been microwave free for a few years now.  Although it was difficult in the first few months to get used to using the stove and oven for everything, it's second nature now.  And I would rather spend a little more time on our food than feel the great concern over the additional radiation and denaturalizaion of nutrients in our food that I felt from the time I learned about microwaves until we gave it up for good.  I'm so grateful to have learned about this stuff quite a while ago!  God is GREAT!

I'm struggling with a bad attitude in some very specific areas of my life.  Overall, not having a tough time, but the specific areas seems to cast a huge shadow over the rest.  bah!!

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vicki said...

1. The garden! Oh, how I want to spend more time there. I hope to plant some seeds today for fall/early winter harvest.
I wish I were closer and we could work our gardens together!

2. WE are an ignorant people when it comes to GMO. So many people don't even want to listen about it, too. Can't be bothered.
I amazed myself!!!! I successfully transported the poster and I quoted you in my fb posting.
Thank you for sharing it and I am so very happy to have shared it on fb as well! I hope my fb friends pay heed and do some sharing, too!!

3. I am so happy for you, that the tool of meditation is working so well...because you are working at it! I Hope to one day try it. Right now I am working to make my prayers what they oughta be!
I hate it when I let myself fall into slumps as I have been in.

4.I rARely use our microwave. Dad uses it a li'l more. JOHn a lot. I am grateful for the knowledge you shared with me. I oughta transport this info to fb, but gotta do some gardening before we go to a pool party...and rain threatens, too. beat the rain!

5. LOVE, LoVe, loVE this quote!!! I read it to Dad, and worked to share it with him. He finally found it, and I learned how to do the share on fb. This gem will be shared, soon-I hope, by me. later, though.

Thanks for this blog. LOve hearing from you.

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