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Monday, August 27, 2012

Meditation Monday #7

I'm still meditating.  Amazing, I know.  I'm very pleased (in a completely devoid of pride sort of way) that I continue to be able to do this daily thing.  I give all glory to God for pushing me to do it when I just don't see the point.  There are (and I'm sure will yet be) plenty of those moments.

I do feel changes in me, but they are just so small lately... I know, in my head, it's a compounding thing and that the sum of the parts is not equal to the whole... yet it is difficult in the moment to carry on.  Surely you have had this experience about something or another that you knew was good for you... right?  I do hope I'm not the only one.
Today is day 84 of meditating.  It is also day 56 since I added in the conquering anger meditation.  I'm a little bit amazed that I've been meditating for almost 3 whole months!  Okay... I'm more than a little amazed, actually.

In thinking about this accomplishment... carried this far more by God than me, for sure, I've also realized that it's been about two years since I started holding family devotionals with my kiddos.  Can you believe it?  The beginning of that family tradition was a long-time whispered to me.  It took me far too long to be obedient... as with all too much, to be completely honest.  I'm grateful for the blessing of it.  We hold steady with one devotional per day and I still try to do two.  I asked Jessie to take over morning devotionals and, although he said he would, it has not come to fruition.  I just have a very difficult time carrying a burden I have turned over to him (that he did agree to carry).  I need to just do it ("Do It" being a frequently used catch phrase of Spencer W. Kimball's!)... and I have... but only sporadically.  It's also complicated by my extreme fatigue due to sleep issues that continue to plague me.  argghhh.  This too shall pass.  I know.

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