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Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Things for Friday

I mentioned it yesterday, but because I just still feel so thrilled by it, I just have to mention it again.  :)  Kat taught FHE this past Monday.  My three girls have been taking turns planning and executing FHE for the last few months!  Yes, they really are AWESOME!

Three people have given us either money to buy dresses or dresses for a Relief Society Service Project organized by a local (but not my) Relief Society.  It feels super nice to be able to contribute so many more dresses than we could give ourselves!  We've collected more than 50!!!  The dresses will be given to a local Women's Shelter....  So totally wonderful, right!

This week we have accomplished much.  Jessie has been actively engaged in checking things off the to-do list.  YEAY!  Among the things accomplished, I've been able to gather most of the bits we need to make more rabbit hutches.  I've been working on the design for a while, so I'm pretty excited to see it come to fruition.

We had double stuffed twice baked potatoes the other night.  The girls have declared it a new favorite meal.  I'm sure it hasn't over taken spot #1 (pizza), but it's among the new top 10, so they say.  :)  They were super hungry when we sat down to eat and when they saw only 1/2 a potato with stuffing, they exclaimed that they would surely need more.  There was much dissappointment when they learned there was only a single half left and that it was being reserved for Daddy.  However, no surprise to me, they were absolutely stuffed when they finished the half they thought couldn't possibly be enough!

Currently 2 or 3 of my does are pregnant.  Jessie butchered 3 bucks and we ate one for lunch on Wednesday.  I'm hoping he'll make a deal with a buddy who wants to try rabbit... and Jess will get some rolly-shoes, which he has wanted for some time.  One of my great hopes is to get into bartering and trading for more of what we need/want.  This would be a terrific first step into this sort of  'realm' of market exchange!  ^_^  So, whether the exchange: rabbit for shoes, transpires or not, our little herd of rabbits is and will be providing us with some more benefits very soon.  Exciting!


As a result of Jessie borrowing the tool necessary, I was able to cut apart some wood with a sawzall in preparation for building the rabbit hutch... SO excited!  I did wear eye protection.  And I only almost cut myself once.  I altered my position and method thereafter, and finished the part of the job I wanted to complete with merely some muscle fatigue.  On another note: I was able to start another batch of my "secret" jam made from a plant in my garden.  I expect to finish cooking and canning it up tomorrow.  I'm going to hold-out a little longer on tellin' you WHAT the jam is made with because I'm worried that a friend who has some may not have tried it yet.  I don't want her to know what it is and have that knowledge negatively influence her experience of it!  :)  I am hoping to be able to reserve a couple jars for Christmas presents to family... as lame as it may be, there may be a few families that have to share due to proximity, availabilty and feasability  "/

1 comment:

vicki said...

YOu torture me! I hope your friend tastes it soon. I'd love such a gift, too!!

Fun to add another item to the family favs menu list.

So, were the other 2 slaughtered rabbit put in the freezer for future meals? How did the girls react to the meal?

I love that dress project! The girls must be tickled to be contributing so nicely!
love you all.

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