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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Presents at Ria's Surprise Birthday Party

Ria's first gift from Lily: a pair of Cinderella dress-up shoes!!!
Next: a crown for the birthday princess.

Also from Lily and her Mom Carrie: Ria received a bunch of hair ornaments.

Perfect for dressup! And now a PHONE!!! She'll love pretending with this!

A My Little Pony that Sage picked out because it has a hat on (part of the invitation asked that the attendees wear hats and dresses to the party). The polly pockets doll is from Lola! :)

Ria opened a frisbee, which Victoria picked out and a BIG pool from Sage and Victoria.

Kitty Kat Snuck onto the patio after everyone left. She was nibbling on left-overs left out on the table. She'd already been cleaned up once and got her face all chocolately (though not as much so as the first time!).

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Looks like fun! What a good mom preparing such a party as this!

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