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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ria's Surprise Birthday THE Tea Party

These are the three pictures from the tea party part of the party. Ria is in one of the HIGH chairs because she is princess of the party, even though she wouldn't wear her birthday crown. The other girls are Kathryn (of course), Lola, Lily, and Victoria.

The Moms are Suzie and Carrie.
The menu for the tea party was: cheese quiche, cucumber and dill cream cheese finger sandwiches (THANK YOU CARRIE for helping me by putting them together!), the little sweet biscuits that are traditional with an English Tea (canNOT remember what they're called), lemon curd squares, and mini chocolate covered eclairs.
Jess spent the majority of his only night off that week preparing the goodies for Ria's party. It was so very wonderful because of the love he puts into everything he makes!!

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