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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Bit of a Good Surprise

So, yesterday Jess was home from the Club, that's the pm job, and got a taste of what I deal with almost daily with Ria. She was supposed to be cleaning her room. (She totally knows how to do this already and I've even written up a guide for her, which she has successfully used to completely clean her room.) Well, she was in one of her moods and had already spent about an hour moping in her room about how she wasn't going to clean it.

On this scene Jess arrives. At first he just fusses at her and warns her. Then he decides that he's going to be in there with her. Thereafter follows much more fussing and frustration on both sides. Eventually it gets a bit quieter and it's obvious that there is work being done. That's good, right? Except that his presence there completely undermined what I'd told Ria would happen when her Daddy got home. I addressed this issue with him, as well as the fact that he completely did not come to speak to me about it when I called him (I couldn't leave the meal I was preparing). Well, basically right after I shared my frustrations with him about his behavior and treatment of me he had Ria start cleaning up in the livingroom. Then, while she was doing that, HE started sweeping in the dining room. By the time he was done he had swept the dining room and living room!

Ok, so probably there are some of you whose hubbies do this sort of thing regularly. Well, Jess isn't one. He cooks regularly, but he doesn't clean up after or clean anything else very regularly. I can count on one hand (including this event) the number of times he has swept the floor since we've lived here (almost EIGHTEEN MONTHS!!!). So, this was a bit of a surprise, and, for sure, a REALLY good one!!! :)

I'm sure I will post more later. I have one sculpture to show yall, but I haven't got the pictures ready, so it will have to wait.

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Go Jessie! Every little bit helps, right?

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