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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Natural Disaster

Today I experienced a double tragedy. It could have been much worse, but I didn't take what DID transpire well. I chalk it up to two highly stressful events: #1 Jessie working 6 out of 7 nights a week for 3 weeks now as well as working 5 mornings out of 7 (but one of his mornings "off" we are at church) AND being pregnant. The latter of the two I would say is excuse enough for my slight over-reaction today.

So, let's see. I took the girls to story-time this morning and then to the post office to mail the Sheltering Angel (check out my sold area to see what I'm talking about at http://torimade.etsy.com/ ) to the lucky recipient. ;) Then, as a special treat, I put on the movie that Kitty Kat picked out at the library (Wiggles anyone?). Well, needless to say, Ria was enthralled, she didn't have to do reading class to watch THIS movie, afterall! and Kat was entertained for a bit and then not. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the NOT part.

You see, she didn't come and get me, as I was working at the computer. She stealithily moved the ONLY chair that was standing on all 4 legs into position...

and ATTACKED my beautiful dandelion angel!!!!! :( Oh... and what's worse? She hacked at it, LITERALLY, with a knife I'd thought totally out of her reach on the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, this is how I find my baby: Sitting every so diligently digging into my crushed angel with a knife! I was shocked, scared (about the knife), upset, and just totally overwrought by that bit of "straw" and yelled for her to go to her room as I started crying. As she understood what I was saying, she did it and started crying almost as hysterically as me. Oh, my GOODNESS. I cried for at least 1/2 an hour! I was so upset I also called Jessie home from work because I didn't trust myself to deal with Kat alone after what had happened. I was so happy that I hadn't called him home in so long. But it always happens like this. When he works these rediculous hours I start to crack. And since I don't have any non-child outlets to speak of (other than my art and clay work, which is only non-child inasmuch as I can tune them out AND they choose to leave me alone). *sigh* So, he's going to ask for a 5 night work week at the Club next week.

Did I mention I was going to spend the night in a hotel on Friday (tomorrow)? I'm not now. We just cannot afford it, which I knew, but was determined to do it anyway. But I'm not. I'm ok with it because I'm not going to be responsible during that same time frame. I'm going to be present, but not. A bit of compromise. ahwell... I'm going to save up my $10 every two weeks until I have about 1/2 of what I need for the place I want to stay and put a little aside from the regular income. I should NOT feel guilty about this after Jessie came to Florida for a week (to job hunt) AND got to spend a 12 hour day at the Races. I'm not going to feel guilty. I deserve a break, too. Right?

So, I'm okay with the whole mutilated angel now. I was able to recover it and it's almost as wonderful as it was the first time. I still have a few pieces to finish for the whole scene. Oh, this whole Dandelion Angel thing is for a contest! :) I'm entering the contest for the Military Brats Street Team of Etsy. I'm excited about it because I am, of course, a Military (NAVY) Brat. This group of gals is really wonderful. I'm super glad to have found them as well as the other Teams I'm a part of. I don't feel so alone in this business I'm working on as a result of them!!

I'm almost completely finished with the Reading Man. I'm going to place him in my library here in Flagler Beach. My amazing and wonderful librarian, Ruth, offered her library as a place to put my pieces for sale! She was amazing and wonderful before this, but MAN, what a deal, huh!!?? Closer to Christmas I'm also going to put angels and other Christmas ornaments in a beach shop here on 6th street. :) My visiting teaching companion and one of my best friend's, Jena's, Mom owns the shop. Her Mom said she would sell them and not collect anything. I don't think that's quite right, but WHAT A DEAL, right? :) Also, my midwife has offered me a nice sized space to show my work and sell it. So, now I just have to spend less time promoting on the computer and MORE time WORKING in my "studio". ^_^ So, I'm going to end this post and go ahead back to work.

Oh, and THANK YOU to those who have been leaving me some comments. I LOVE COMMENTS in my blog!!!


Feli said...



We all have days like this. Last night I just commented on another friend's blog that moms have rights too. We do have the right to get upset when something of ours is destroyed by our children. It is very frustrating. We have the right to expect them to respect our property too. Let them see you cry about what is destroyed. While you are crying, tell them how special it was to you and why. They need to understand that we have feelings too.

I'd love to see your angel! Where is the picture? : )

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