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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to Pictures

Ok, so I've tried to upload pictures to my blog a few more times and it freezes my computer so baddly each time that I have to re-start it before I can use it for anything. I've had the same BAD luck with flickr, too! :( That is NOT good because I'm using flickr primarily for my business. So, I'm a bit perturbed, but not completely put out.

As I mentioned before, you'll have to be a friend to view the photos in my photobucket account. If you are unable to access it (mostly everybody) you'll have to drop me an email or leave your email address in my comments and then wait until I add you. Sorry. I know that's pretty time consuming and all... but, seriously, the pictures of my girls are TOTALLY worth it! heeheehee Of course, any Mother would have to say the same about their children, but it's SO totally true about mine! ;)

This is where you can find my smarty-tarty-hot-to-trot-party girls! (as if!)

I'm sure I have something to share, but cannot remember it for the life of me right now. So, it'll have to be another post. ^_^

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