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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Gollihughs Are Planning a Road Trip!

Yep, you read it right! Last night Jess and I were talking about things, particularly how I'm not dealing well with missing my family; having not seen most of them in 10 months. That, in itself isn't SO bad, but not having a clue as to when I will see them makes the time away more difficult. It is perhaps more difficult because Evelyn will likely be moving a bit for Chris's work and continued education. It's almost like I feel this need to get back soon before the fam is even more dispersed than we are currently with me living here.

So, Jess suggested, in a very determined sort of way, that we make a plan for a visit and just set it in stone as OUR FAMILY VISIT regardless of what the rest of the Farrell clan has going on. His feeling is that he wants us to enjoy visiting our friends AND family and that he doesn't really want the visit to be entirely about someone else. Part of this is coming from the fact that this will be our first family vacation - EVER. I don't have the actual dates, but I'm thinking the end of July is the time we're settled on and happy with. Mostly because this will be a year since I went back and I can certainly wait another year if I did it once! (A mental game of being okay with things I may not actually be okay with, ya know?) Anyway... I'm excited!

Because I don't have the dates already submitted to Jessie's bosses there is a little bit of flexbility here. If you would like to have a say about when we come... perhaps to try to influence the decision, I encourage you to contact me immediately. I should probably have the dates for Jess by Monday, so I REALLY mean IMMEDIATELY!!! Jessie wants the dates ASAP to ensure that he can get the time off from both jobs AND get the vacation hours submitted to HR at The Club.

So, we're planning a ROAD TRIP! :) I'm excited and think it will definitely be an adventure as Jess and I haven't traveled together since way back when. (When we drove to TN and MO for me to meet his family and when we flew to Idaho!) We certainly haven't done more than a morning trip to the temple WITH the girls. I have traveled with the girls, but he has not. He was driving the moving truck when we came down here... so it should be interesting! ;)

More pictures uploaded to Flickr this morning! Check 'em out!

I'm starting to wonder if I might be able to put pictures here, but haven't had the guts to try and risk a freeze. So, that will be something I attempt today, I think.

Jessie did really well yesterday, his second day quitting. He used 4 of the lozenges, I think he said. But that's 3 out of the suggested NINE! He made sure to mention specifically that even though he had used them he hadn't finished any of them. That's AWESOME!!! So, he's on day three today. Wish him luck and/or say a prayer for him! He has tonight off from The Club. He'll probably sleep most of the afternoon. *sigh*

A ROAD TRIP!!!! I'm so excited!


vicki said...

I am thrilled that you may be coming! Ben has input. I hope he contacts you soon.
love, mom

The Piepers said...

How fun!! We have input! =) Chris is going to be working in Northern VA all summer. Although the arrangements aren't all made, he'll be negotiating to take time off when the baby is born and at the beginning of July when his mom & sisters will be here visiting (this is also when we intend to have the baby blessed). We are planning to move me and the baby up to NoVA at that time. AFter that, coming down to VB will be very difficult if not impossible because of the one-car family deal and even if me and the baby can come... Chris probably won't be able to. So... we want/hope you can come the first week of July (or before)!!! =)

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