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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Halfway Through a Whole Day and NOT a Fight in Sight

Okay, so we don't ALWAYS fight when he's home, but since it's sort of the only time we're actually around one another it tends to be the time that we sort things out and deal with problems. Perhaps we don't deal as well as we should sometimes, but we're working on it!

I let Jess sleep in this morning. The girls and I went grocery shopping right after we ate, so we weren't noisy in the house. He didn't sleep in as long as I would have! But, then again, he was asleep yesterday afternoon, went to bed early, AND got to sleep in... so, he was WELL rested when he awakened. :)

Did Jess read the blog? I ask, not that you would know, because he actually swept AGAIN today! This time it wasn't a lame-o job like last time. (I totally did NOT complain about it last time, nor did I SAY it was a lame-o job! I was just happy he actually did something in the house other than cook. Not that cooking is nothing, but he's SO rarely home, that it's really not a regular thing like we thought it would be.) Anyway, so the GOOD job done is that he swept ALL of the main living spaces AND vaccuumed up the piles! I don't know if you recall, but last time he didn't sweep all the areas he did today and he left the dirt where it was! :p ugh! It's one thing if I do that because it's all my job (and sometimes lately I am honestly too tired to get that vaccuum cleaner out for one pile! I completely "blame" the baby (in utero)).

Later we'll go to the Ward Hawaiian Luau Social together. This is so very exciting to me because it's a first! He actually made it to the Valentine's dance thingy, but he was coming there on his way home from work (leaving early).

On a completely DIFFERENT subject...

Many of you know that I started dreaming about Tony Zeppetella, an ex-boyfriend, the night he was murdered. I dreamed about him just about every night for well over a year. The only reason I stopped dreaming about him EVERY night is because I had a dream in which I put his name into Google and then woke up. At work the next day I remembered that dream and did it, thinking, "If I do this, nothing will come up and I'll be able to put my mind to rest on this subject." MAN, I wish that was true! So, you can go ahead and do that experiement yourself. There are fewer pages now, but still MANY.

As a result, I sort of get a little worried when I randomly dream about people I care about, or have cared about, ever since. Do you blame me?? So, I had this crazy dream about Peter, an ex-boyfriend, over a month ago and I've been sort of worried since then. I did put his name into Google and no murder was reported, but I still felt sort of... anxious for/about him. (Don't you know, I'm a worry-wart!??) I could have asked our mutual friend Tom about him, but worried that would just be too weird. So, I just tried to let it go.

This morning I was trying to do this new thing to sort of promote my business. This thing is called Stumble Upon. I'm still not exactly sure how it works. I've been trying to figure it all out, but every time I try to upload a picture/icon it totally blinks out on me. (I'm having problems with pictures ALL over the place!! ARRRGGHHH!) Anyway, in process the first time there was this invitation to send an email to my Hotmail contacts. I was looking at it and thought I'd clicked OFF of it. As it happens I actually sent it. (I've never claimed computer genius, just competence and today my competence was at an all time low! SORRY!) Turns out to be a good thing because Pete wrote to me. YEAY, I know he's NOT dead now!!! So, that's the long of the short of it. I'm feeling a lot more peaceful. Strange how dreams torture me ever since 911 and the Tony experience!

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Anonymous said...

I dream about people that I love and care / loved and cared about all the time. Usually its a sign of something that you are going thru or that other person is trying to tell you something. I was talking to some friends about it and realise that my sister and I have this "gift". Almost like a Ghost Whisperer type thing. Only we cant see we just dream and feel. Pretty Spooky.

You should also try LinkedIt (www.linkedit.com) its more of a professional networking site (kinda like facebook but more of a business and professional arena.)

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