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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Rough Morning, But Good Afternoon

So, have I mentioned to yall how much Kat LOVES to be outside? Well, she totally does!!! Not that Ria doesn't, but there have been times when Ria's ready to go inside and Kat just wants to continue to bask in the sun or romp around the yard (like a real cat, eh?). Anyway, today was an extreme example.

We went to Story Time at our local library. It's lovely. Our librarian read a couple/few short stories, then they have a craft, and finish with a snack. I'm the most regularly attending (missed 2 or 3 weeks when we were ill with the cold/flu bug we had back in February, I think it was) so we are usually the last to leave because I help put everything away. I adore my librarian. She has used me to re-learn how to crochet and I LOVE it! I love teaching, so it's wonderful to be used that way!!! Anyway...

So, as per our usual, we went to the little playground just behind the library after everything was done in there. Kat was having a good time swinging. I think that is her VERY favorite thing to do at the playground. She sits there for AGES!!! That's all fine and good except that today Daddy was going to be home an hour early because he had to go to the Club an hour early. His boss asked him to come in, set up the Pizza Station, and then go upstairs to work the sushi bar alone. No problem for Jessie, he's the most capeable Chef I know!!! :) So, his change in schedule meant that we had to head home early so I could make our family lunch and have it ready for the earlier time. Oh, dear... WHAT a problem!!!

When Kat has had enough time at the playground and has to leave, she usually has a little bit of a fit because she just has to... express herself. Well, today it was revealed how she acts when she has NOT had enough time at the playground. She threw a screaming, crying, trying-to-throw -herself-out-of-the-stroller-the-whole-way-home fit! It was highly stressful for me and she was certainly not pleased at all. Thankfully Ria sort of became an angel and, except for getting too close to one corner!, she was very good for the whole 2 blocks home. But ya know how it seems like horrible experiences, though they may last only 30 seconds, seem to last a lifetime!!??? Well, that was certainly my experience this morning!

Kat took a nap.

Around 3pm my friend Philine called to see if I was still up to meet at the beach to hang out. I totally was, if for no other reason than I rarely get to see this friend. She lives in Atlanta full-time and comes into town once a month, when the weather is warm. So, the girls and I got ready and we went.

It was LOVELY! Kat and Ria played in the sand AND in the water!!!! The latter is a HUGE development for Ria. This is literally THE first time she's willingly gone in the water at the beach!!!!! Believe it or not, Kat was actually ready to head out before Ria or Genevieve (Philine's daughter) showed any need for it. Kat was tired out! Philine invited us over and I totally wanted to spend more time with her, so we went. Ria and Genevieve played together so nicely!!! And Kat was really quite good given the circumstances. Philine fed us a wonderful, light dinner of quesedillas, olives, cheese, grapes, apples, crackers, guacamole, and a veggie/dip plate. It was wonderful to spend time with her again. We hadn't been able to get together the last two times she was in town, so it was over 6 months since we last spent time together! Once again, Kat was ready to depart before Ria or Genevieve seemed finished. This is good, though, because the other two girls will be happy to spend more time together at the end of May, when Philine returns!

Oh, just as an additional note about the riot Kat and I went through this morning.... So, many of you know I make special crochet gifts for my children before they are ever born. I made Ria an Eyeore doll as well as a sort of layette set. I made almost the same set for Kat, but made her a Winnie The Pooh Bear. (These are not little toys, they are about TWICE the size of my babies... and I don't birth small babes!) Anyway... Kat has been growing an attachment with her special bear. Well, she was in her bed after we got home and eventually fell asleep. When I checked on her she was asleep on her right side with the Bear pulled up behind her and sort of nuzzling her! It's SOOOoooo sweet! I DID get pictures, but I'm way too tired to get them up tonight. I'll TRY to do that tomorrow.

Have a GOOD day/afternoon/night!

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