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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Music Lover

I just had to post this tonight because I'm sure it will be oft repeated tomorrow and since it is the Sabbath I won't be able to tell yall about it until Monday if not tonight!

Ok, so I missed the first session of General Conference (for the non-LDS persons out there, this is a twice yearly event that we LDS folks look forward to because we get to hear from our prophet and church leadership). Anyway, as with most meetings, there is a song at the beginning. Well, Ria and Kat were in the laundry room with me (this is where my office/computer resides ^_^) and when the music started going Kat just started swaying and smiling and got really excited. That's pretty cool and all, but very characteristic of her.

Today I learned in a new way how much my youngest daughter LOVES music! So, Kat and Ria eventually got tired of me shushing them and ignoring them (I totally would NOT be able to do that in the church, SOOOO glad to be able to watch Conference online!!!), so they wandered off into the rest of the house. I did check on them. They were playing nicely once. Another time Kat was staring out the front window... And I could make another whole post about what an outdoors lover she is!!! Anyway, they were safe and happy and I was able to pay attention to the speakers.

Back to the point! The music came on again after Kat had wandered away. I heard the pitter-patter of her little running feet as SOON as the music was playing! She was rushing into the laundry room and over to me to listen AND sing along with the choir!!! ^_^ After the music was over, she wandered away pretty quickly. This repeated EVERY time there was a hymn/song sung!!! Oh, and when she was in here to sing and sway she would smile and cuddle my legs. How SWEET!!!

Ria was very good for quite a while, coloring in a coloring book that she has used for "work" before. She told me one day while she was coloring that she was working to get pages colored so we could "sell them and make money so Daddy can stay home more". I put quotation marks around the part I keep repeating to her about why I need to do the work I have been doing. I'm glad to know she sort of GETS it. :)

So, although I'm feeling exhausted, emotionally as well as physically, today was a pretty darn good day. I was able to complete the bills while Jess was home this morning (which I've been neglecting for a couple weeks) and then the girls and I went grocery shopping when our Bishop wasn't able to make our meeting tonight. He rescheduled. It'll all work out for the best. ((*_*))

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