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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Tag-Team Days Have Begun

I really hope it's just because Jessie is working so VERY much right now, but, alas, the days of my children tag-teaming me with bad attitude and, worse, temper tantrums has totally arrived. I would venture to say that they are striving to wear me down worse than this schedule already does. Yes, you might say this is a little extreme, if you are my Mom... but, SERIOUSLY! They can totally see when I'm at my whit's end... and then one pulls a tantrum. Then, when SHE is done, the other decides it's HER turn. I'm coping. I cry a lot lately. Yeah, that could totally be pregnancy related, but I also KNOW it has a great deal to do with release of the bitter frustrations I'm facing. Did you know tears can do that? They most CERTAINLY can! It's been tested and proven that tears actually contain within them chemicals that lead scientists to believe the process of crying actually rids the body of harmful stress thingys... I want to say hormones, but I'm not absolutely certain. It's been QUITE a while now since I read that info (in a variety of places!). So, I should probably LET myself cry a bit more. Perhaps I would cope better. ;)

Let me see... Ria pulled a MAJOR tantrum on Saturday at the grocery store. This was a first for me, believe it or not. The only reason it happened at all is because Jess was along and he allowed MUCH more than I ever would have, so she decided to keep pushing. It was really horrible. And the fact that it happened during time when Jess was with us was, somehow, much worse than the stuff I face on my own. I believe I feel this way because I want the girls to treasure their time with Jess and vice versa. So I sort of protect it. Well, Jess didn't have very good feelings about his morning home on Saturday and that makes me feel worse about the temper tantrum. HOWEVER... it IS really important that these things happen when he IS around because otherwise he might think I'm exhaggerating. Right? ahwell....

Saturday night it was Kat's turn. Ria was much better for the afternoon/evening. Especially after Jess left. I don't even remember what happened, but it wasn't an extreme case of angry stuff from Kat... just blowing up at me for some small thing, I'm sure. But the fact remains that they are TOTALLY taking turns!!!

Sunday morning, another tantrum from Ria. This one was with me; about clothes! *sigh* We almost didn't go to church and that's actually what knocked her out of her bad mood funk. Ria LOVES Sunbeams and Primary. I cannot actually imagine her being okay with NOT going to church. She has even missed going to Sacrament meeting the one Sunday she and Daddy went for Primary when I was sick with Kat!

Yes, you guessed it. Kat threw some sort of hissy fit that evening. Funny how Ria throws them when Jess IS around (of course, not exclusively) and Kat throws them when he ISN'T! hehehe I guess Kat's still in the TOTAL adoration of Daddy phase. ^_^

So, totally changing topics:
I have been trying to up load a bunch of pictures that I've made mention of to my Mom and in previous posts. But when I tried THREE times on Friday the computer froze up EVERY time! It was terribly upsetting because when I upload pictures I'm usually working two or three other windows for my business. I had to shut down and restart the computer. It was really upsetting. I didn't even try on Saturday because I had WAY to much to do before Sunday! I had to finish up my quarterly analysis for Primary attendance, prepare the birthday envelopes and crowns for this next quarter, make sure I had the monthly news about no-attendance children for my Primary President, and prepare the spotlight stuff. Plus, I was trying to work on my business, mostly requiring reading at this point. I didn't really do much of any studio time last week; I was almost exclusively on the computer. I think I needed the break from producing. This morning I had some studio time and I'm REALLY pleased with the pieces I completed. They will not be for sale in my shop, but I'll show yall what I came up with. :)

Anyway, back to the pictures. I'll try to do some of that today. But I'm not promising anything!

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