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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All About Flowers and Some Chalk

This one if for my Mom. She'd hoped to come visit this year when the flowers were blooming. Alas, it is entirely unlikely. However, I can (AMAZINGLY!) show them here, in my blog! YEAY, the uploading worked without freezing my computer. So, these are the flowers in my yard! They are not as proliferate as they were last year, YET. We don't know exactly what happened, but at about the same time this year as the Easter Lilies began blooming LAST year another flower that Jess thinks looks like a "morning glory" (except that it doesn't close up when the sun rises) came up instead of the Easter Lilies. Thankfully I'd saved some seeds from the Easter Lilies of last year and FINALLY found them AND let them fly in my yard about a week ago. So, now we have the lovely flowers that helped me through some difficult times last year! They are a TREASURE, for real. You see, these flowers only bloom in OUR YARD! Okay, so there are probably some SOMEwhere else, but we don't see them fill others' yards. I've actually only seen the blooms in one other person's yard and there were only a few there! So, I really feel like these flowers were a tremendous gift. I was pretty unwell at this time last year and also very depressed, so I had something truly beautiful to gaze upon from the windows of my livingroom!
I hope to show more pictures as the yard fills up again! :)
A closer look at the flowers that are so very special to the Gollihughs! Jessie even said, at one point last year, that the flowers CHOSE our yard! We SERIOUSLY do NOT see them at all around town! And last year when our yard was like a field of flowers (the kind you see in pictures) all kinds of people would drive REALLY slowly by our house to look at the flowers. One woman even asked about them and I asked if she would like some seeds. She seemed sort of sceptical, like I was a salesperson (which, as it happens, she DID think I was trying to sell some to her), but was VERY pleased when I walked a few pods of seeds over to her and gave her a smile on top! :) She was surprised and confessed she thought I was going to ask her to pay for them! Can you imagine? I mean, sure, they ARE worth some money, to me, but I feel like they are/were a gift, so why would I require payment for something given freely to ME!???

My two flowers drawing on the sidewalk in front of our house.

Kat coloring on the retaining bricks in front of our house. Kathryn found the container of sidewalk chalk someone gave us a while back and she's been bringing it to me for the past few days. She didn't know what it was. As far as I could tell she just wanted to open the package of birghtly colored things and figure out what to do with them afterward. She caught on really quickly to their purpose and had a really great time coloring right on or next to existing drawings; either Mama's or Ria's. And where Ria went, Kat followed quickly after.

Even though the next is a picture is just Ria, Kat was just there a moment before AND after the picture was snapped. She just LOVES her Ria!!!

Ria, so pleased with herself over the swirly-twirly that she drew (acutally two of them). The one on the right is the one Kat drew on just a moment before. She hadn't had a chance to draw on the larger one yet. She did before we went inside. And believe it or not, Ria wanted to stay outside when Kat picked up all the chalk in the little plastic thing and headed for the door. Usually it's Ria packing up and ready to go inside - ESPECIALLY when reading class and a movie are waiting on the other side of the door! Funny role reversal for today, I'd say! :)

A Smile by Ria! She made very sure that I took a picture of this drawing.

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