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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

News, More News, and a Silly Moment

Some of you know that I wanted to "go raw" about a year ago. I did do about a 70-75% raw diet for about 3 months and it really made a big difference in how I felt. But I didn't have the courage to do it on my own. Well, attached with my education about eating "raw" I also learned a bit about microwaves. I know I still need to inform myself more completely, but the little bit I did learn caused me some great concerns and I was moving toward completely letting go of that modern "convenience" when a friend gave us one that they weren't using. It was a brand-spankin-new one. I wasn't completely set on the change, I just figured it was sort of meant to be since the microwave we did have (from Goodwill for $5!!!) was going caput. Anyway, the gift compeltely sapped my courage for the change. Do you see a theme that I lack courage? Well, I feel this about myself, anyway.
Well, as it happens, a few weeks ago the microwave we received from friends actually went caput. I felt this was a really great thing since I'd been feeling ever more strongly that I was ignoring a change that would only benefit my family (even if it did inconvenience me a bit). So, I didn't try to fool with the plug or even really TRY to get it to stay alive like I would have had I wanted to keep it. I told Jess it was dead and told him I did NOT want to replace it, was he cool with that. He already knew what I'd been thinking a year ago and at that time he wasn't really encouraging. Now, he was completely fine with it.

So, we are a microwave-free household!!! It's really not been a horrible adjustment. I'm learning how to re-heat things on the stove and using my little toaster oven (I LOVE THAT THING!!!). So, that's the first bit of news. :)
The second bit it extremely exciting to me. I've been rather concerned about what I would do, with regard to Ria and Kat, when I'm in labor/delivering the new baby. This would be an obvious concern for anyone who did not live near family and was going to have another baby. The matter is further complicated for me, however. You see... and hold on to your pants if you don't know my past birthing experiences as yet... I'm going to labor AND deliver this baby at home. Well, not so much a problem in iteself. That is, until you learn that I'm a NAKED birther. Women like me are pretty common, really. It's a sort of hypersensitivity of the skin during labor that makes it, basically, impossible to tolerate cloth of any kind on my skin.

This factor wasn't a problem before because my Mom was close enough to come at a call and I didn't think anything of her seeing me nakie under those circumstances. So, the problem: WHO, in the WORLD, would I feel comfortable looking at AFTER the birth!?!?!?! I had sort of narrowed it down to my visiting teachers and my visiting teaching companion, but I still felt unsettled about it all and certainly had not asked any of them.

So, this morning we went to Joy School. It was only Sage, Victoria, Mary, Ria, Kat and me. But I, honestly, REALLY love it when it's just us because it gives me a chance to spend time with Sage. And Sage is... well, SAGE!!! She's herself AND she's what her name means: wise! She's probably my hero right now. Currently she has 6 children and works nearly full-time to keep her family's business going. Her children are sporty (all of them play something!) and so she's SUPER busy. The only way I GET to spend time with her is by getting out kids together. So, I LOVE Joy School.

Anyway, we were talking about all kinds of things like we always do. I brought up my homebirth and some topics related to it. Through the conversation about all that stuff I brought up my concern over who to ask to help me with the girls while I'm laboring (we WANT them to observe the birth, so they'll be present for THAT). Anyway, as I was talking to her about itI felt an overwhelming desire to ask her to be my "call" person to come and watch the girls. She mentioned something about her daughters, but I thought that would make it even more perfect because then Ria and Kat would have other kiddos to distract them from Mama being noisy and pained. I did tell her that I was worried that the person I would ask would have to be okay with seeing me NAKED and she sort of laughed at that. And somehow I managed to make it clear that I would love it if she wouldn't mind being the person I called. She seemed really okay with it and even sort of interested. I was wondering if that meant I should call or not, but didn't want to press the issue. So, right before we're leaving she mentioned, "Just to make it official, I would be honored to help you with the girls while you labor and deliver at home." !!!! YEAY!!!! I'm sooo very happy!!!! Sage is really perfect for this because she has had her children naturally in the hospital (AND chose to do it that way... naturally), so she understands more than others. If you understand this issue, you will also know what a HUGE blessing this is for me. I'm SO blessed!!!!
Jess came home for lunch, as he always does. It was basically ready, but I didn't have it all served and ON the table as I sometimes do. He helped me set up the chairs and then move plates to the table. He has really desensitized hands as a result of his work in kitchens, so I asked him to get the forks for the table as they were REALLY hot, right from the dishwasher. So he gets them and as he's bringing them to the table he comments, "You know you have FOUR forks, right?" as if there was something off in my count. I pause for a moment and then turn around to look at him funny and say, "Well, UH, there ARE FOUR people in our family!" He seemed to almost miss a step in pondering that fact and then responds, "You're right. I just wanted to make sure you were on your toes and that we were on the same page." This strikes me as very silly and funny because it's as if Jess is sort of preparing for the increase in our family by reverting to his memory of a smaller family than we have. Perhaps this is not funny at all to the majority, but it brought an out loud laugh out of me! :)


Feli said...

I too am trying to cut out processed food from my diet but its hard when you have a husband who eats an entire different diet than you. He loves it and I don't. :*)

1.Over the years i have cut down on my salt intake (bloating and what not) but my husband needs the salt because he has low blood pressure and needs the salt. Thats ok because when I cook I will take my share out first before adding salt to his.

2. I do not eat spicy food but HE DOES and he loves it to death. Again I will take my share out before adding more chilli on to his.

I remember when I was living with you that you did not eat any red meat. :*)

Feli said...

Owh.... And I usually try not to cook things or heat things in the Microwave.

I cook rice over the stove, heat my sauces over the stove and many many more things over the stove and the HUSBAND does things in a Microwave. LOL...

Heidi said...

Here is something new for you to think about:

Toaster ovens are very dangerous. Just do a search for "toaster ovens danger" and you will see what I mean. I knew a lady who ran a fire department and she said that toaster ovens start more fires than anything else. She said they often even start fires when they are not even being used! She said that firemen don't have toaster ovens.

I just thought you should know. Be sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby and don't leave the kitchen while it's in use. Also, always unplug it when you are not using it.

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