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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Cheers" and a Little Flirting

I just realized this morning that I haven't shared this funny thing my girls do! Of course, I was reminded after I saw/heard them do it again. Mind you, this happens at least once a day; usually much more than that.

I'm not exactly sure how it began. I think Jess showed them once, with tea cups, and they have just generalized it. Anyway, what happens is Kathryn will have something and sort of push it toward Ria with this high pitched sound (that is immitation of how Ria sounds saying the word). Ria will immediately understand what she wants and push her ______(whatever thing) toward Kat's thing and they will both say, "CHEERS!" That's a little funny, perhaps, but I think the funniest part is WHAT they do it with! This morning it was cheese crackers! Yeah, I know, but seriously, that's what they did "cheers" with!

The other bit of the title is something that happened to me yesterday at the grocery store. Now, I've already told Jess and he was completely nonchalant and unperterbed by it. So, don't worry! He already knows. :) So, I was just grocery shopping when I almost stumbled upon this handsome fella who was restocking shelves in Publix. Okay, so I didn't almost stumble on him, but that would have been funny, right? heehee

Anyway, he was really friendly in the way that you can or canNOT be when someone briefly passes by. I was having THE darndest time finding Bulgur. I mean, I searched the entire store. I would have gone over it once more without any help, but then I thought of that nice guy who worked there. You know, I really prefer not to ask workers for help because it can be annoying for them and because I like to feel like I can do it on my own. Anyway, he was right where he was when I first saw him - and honestly I ended up on his row looking for the stuff anyway. So, I asked him if he knew what Bulgur was and where it might be. He didn't know what it was, but he totally stopped doing his work and told me he would go find out. How nice, right?! That's not the "fun" part, though. So, I was waiting and watched him disappear around the corner with someone else. I figured he would find out where it was and tell me. Well, when I saw him next he was comming down "his" row with a box in his hand. He held it up and asked if that's the stuff I was looking for. It was, of course. How NICE! Right? (Still not the "fun" part, yet.)

So, he brought it to me. And here I must interject that the description of this guy. So, he's probably about Jessie's height, a little bit more buff, with short hair just like Jess's (but this guy's is black), and REALLY bright eyes... like they seemed to be shining they were so very bright. So, he's got the box and he walked to me from the opposite end of the row. And he kept walking until he was right next to me. Now this might not be such a big deal, in some ways, but he was WAY "too" close and looking at me really piercingly. He could be the kind of person who doesn't have the same personal space boundaries that EVERY other American does AND he could be the kind of person that doesn't have the same requirements of looking away from the person he's talking to that EVERY other American does... but I'm pretty sure he was actually FLIRTING with me based on how he's spoken to me the first time, before he went to get the food, and then again when he gave it to me. Anyway... why all the fuss from me? Well, if you don't recall how I've looked for the past few years... THAT'S WHY! Guys haven't flirted with me in YEARS! It was really pleasant and I felt a bit more confidence in my appearance than I've felt in a while. It was just really nice. I also want to add here that I did, in no way, encourage the behavior I perceived to be flirting. I was simply talking to a guy the way I talk to people. So, it was only one-sided flirting that I've been describing. :)

Honestly, I WAS sort of hoping for a little more of a reaction from Jess. He DOES have a definite jealous streak, but I'm really not sure how to get at it! hahaha Not that I should want to, right? But the only times he's shown how jealous he can be is when I'm not doing a darn thing. Like this one time we were on the interstate (last summer) and my dress was hiked up because I was super hot and trying to cool off. He sort of pulled it down gently a little. I was like, "Uhhhh, I'm HOT!" And he said, "Well, I don't want those truck driver's lookin at MY wife's legs!" heeheehee How funny, right? Anyway, it's strange things like THAT that gets Jess showing his jealous streak. Not me tellin him some guy at the grocery store flirted with me. *sigh* ahwell.

Funny, though, right? ^_^

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Heidi said...

I know what you mean. A guy once flirted with me while we were waiting for the bank to open. I totally wasn't flirting back-- I was just polite. But, it was flattering.

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