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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today is Jessie's Quit Date

When he told me the news yesterday my heart flip-flopped and all I could think to ask was, "Which job??!!" I felt so anxious! Before I could ask, though, he was continuing on to tell me that his Councilor has advised that he tell as many people as possible to make it more public so that if he didn't stick with it he would be disappointing more than himself. I felt relief to such a degree that I started to nervously laugh and explain what I'd thought he meant. I'm not the only one either because I told my friend Carrie what he'd said and SHE totally asked me which job he was quitting! :)

So, Jess came home for lunch and was far more exhausted that normal. He felt that it was the only withdrawl symptom he'd suffered thus far. He was very pleased that he hadn't felt the need to use any Nicorete yet. I think that it IS a possibility, but it's equally as likely and possible, in my opinion and experience with him, that it's his natural tendency to sort of sleep through difficult things, so he's feeling the urge to do that. In reality it's probably a little of both.

Do you wonder how this came about? Well, obviously I can only tell you what I know from my point-of-view. A little while back we were seriously talking about a rather big change. A few days after we started talking about it he told me, very seriously, that he thought he should stop smoking to better be able to manage the change. Well, I sort of got aggitated and told him I just didn't care. I told him I didn't want to hear about it and if he felt like doing it - GOOD, but leave me out of it. So, I didn't hear anything more about the subject and that was just fine.

Then we received this package in the mail. It was a large envelope and for whatever reason I didn't open it even though I normally open all the mail. The next day I noticed the envelope open and a book and some papers from The American Cancer Society laying on the table. I was sort of weirded out by that because I thought he received it randomly. After another few days I asked him what that stuff was all about. It was then that I learned the a bit of the story.

Jess had decided to go ahead and quit smoking. He heard a commercial on the radio for a program that would help smokers quit so he called it and got some info. That's all he said.

I missed a package because I was busy with something I couldn't get to the door for a UPS delivery. I got the little sticky paper that they leave and didn't really read it, but thought it was for a package I was expecting. Jess saw it later and asked about it. I was like, "Why are you so interested?" He said it was because the package was for him. I argued until I read the paper and then appologized. I was sort of concerned and asked him what he was expecting in the mail (because we hadn't talked about a purchase). It was then that I learned "The Rest of The Story" as it were. With the information he received there is also a Program. In the program he gets eight weeks of Nicorette in whatever form he requests and advising sessions with someone for the duration of the program; all for FREE!!! So then I REALLY appologized. I was also SUPER impressed to learn all this and even the tiniest bit excited.

So, that pretty much brings us to today. He drove the van to work, which I think is a real blessing because the drive to and from The Club was the time he expected to be the most difficult. It's annoying that I'm going to have to limit my traveling to the morning until we can figure out the problem and fix whatever is wrong with the car. But, if it helps Jess quit, I'm totally all for it! I don't mind a little inconvenience!!!! ((^_^))

I have TONS of pictures to upload, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do anything with them. However, I'm going to share with yall my Flickr information anyway because that's where my newest "work" related pictures will be. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24548515@N08/ The last time I tried uploading there it froze up and I had to shut my computer down (just like here).

Perhaps we'll have this figured out soon and my blog will once again have pretty things to look at and not just lots and lots of words! ;)


Heidi said...

Be sure to tell Jessie I'm really proud of him for making this decision. It seems he does better when it is HIS decision. Go Jessie!

My grandfather used to smoke until he was introduced to the church by some missionaries. He knew the church was true and that he needed to quit smoking and become a member. He quit cold turkey. He was such a great example for me.

Smoking is hard to quit but I know Jessie can do it!

Feli said...

I dont know if you know this but I use to smoke too.

I quit last year. Cold Turkey. It was the best thing ever. I still crave for it whenever I am stressed out from work BUT when I think about the aftertaste and everything I usually get over it pretty quickly.

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