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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ria's Surprise Birthday Tea Party!

I'll just say now (and edit later) that pictures must wait till another day for uploading. It's almost 11pm Saturday, right now, and I have to get to bed earlier than my norm tonight. I had a horrible case of weirdness last Sunday (shakes, hot/cold, WEAKness in my arms, headache... it was very upsetting; I left church during Sacrament meeting!!!) and I know part of the reason for it was that I was overtired. The other part was rushing hormones, which I know FOR SURE now, via the barfing later in the week!!! I will be better tomorrow regardless because I only worked for two hours rather than the ALL day that has been my regular every non-Sunday since March 13. I've re-discovered a bit of a workaholic in me as I try to develop my business. I think I'm pushing so hard because I really want Jess home more...even if it's just time that enables me to work undisturbed, he would be spending time with OUR girls. *ahhhh* You can totally help by passing the word along about my shop!!! The link is in every other post, probably, so I won't be annoying and include it again. ;)

I must say that the party went off well. Jess worked really hard Wednesday night (in addition to the Easter egg hunt we finally had, which pictures, alas, will also have to wait). He made the traditional biscuit sweet things, whose name I canNOT remember! He also made lemon curd squares, quiche, and eclairs! Today I made a cake and Carrie Murphy put together the cucumber sandwiches! What an ANGEL (which is why I LOVE to make angels... they appear EVERYWHERE when you open your eyes to them!!!). :)

I will return, probably Monday, to update/edit properly with pictures. Also, I will be predating some things (like EASTER egg hunt), so check previous posts for titles you don't recognize. Obviously I said Monday... that's for a good reason... you see, I won't do this, or most any computer work, on Sunday because it is sooo integrally connected to my work and it does feel like work (though I TRULY enjoy that, most of the time, except for the girls getting frustrated with me). Some people would dicker this point with me, but it's about MY feeling, so I won't be posting tomorrow, Sunday. See ya Monday.

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