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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Day to Relax

Ok, so I actually worked quite a lot. But the reason the work was relaxing was because Jessie took Ria and Kat to a birthday party at Wadsworth Park, just over the bridge from us. They left at about 10:45am and arrived home at about 1:30pm. I was alone at home for 2.75 hours! I think that's the first break from responsibility I've had in... at least a month. And, by far, it was the longest break I've had in much longer than that. So, even though I was working on the computer and with my clay, I was feeling very peaceful!

I'm really excited about an angel I've made and almost completed now. It's a garden angel and has turned out beautifully! I was thinking about my Mom and her love of roses and gardening... so I'm sure love translates in the sweet little thing. Although I would love to get it in my shop tonight, I decided not to stress myself out about it since I did get 5 new items posted within this day. So, check back to my shop at http://torimade.etsy.com/ on Monday evening and it should be up for viewage. ;)

Jess was supposed to have the whole day off today. It didn't happen because The Club called a number of times. Jess could have just told them we had plans already and he couldn't come in, but we discussed it and I really encouraged Jess to go in. Very uncharacteristic, mind you. But I know we'll need him to have lots of time off in the near-ish future and I want the man in charge of the schedule to feel good about him and willing to work with our requests. So far he's been very reasonable in his scheduling of Jess and receptive and responsive to our requests for specific time off. I really want to stay in his good graces as long as he's there! Anyway, he left for work at 5:45pm, which is about 3 hours later than he normally would have. All said, he was with us for most of the day and that's always a slight relief to me even when we have a bad day.

Kat's nose is still a bit drippy and Ria is coughing a tiny bit, but other than that I think we're done with the crud we had for more than 2 weeks! Thank goodness. That was a rough patch, for sure. Yet... I was pondering things and realized that we really were blessed, in many ways, to be ill when we were. Part of it, I think, was Heavenly Father encouraging me in a big way to take a break. I'd sort of had the feeling since mid-January that I should rest more (I was preggie, but didn't know it!). But, as with most Mamas, I just couldn't think of HOW to do it and I certainly didn't want to feel myself lazy. Well, I caught an ear infection, don'tcha know? That didn't stop me, though. And I caught another common infection to pregnant women. But that didn't slow me down. THEN we all caught the CRUD. That knocked the girls AND me down and OUT!!! For a whole week the girls had fevers off and on, took 2 naps a day, and then were ready and falling asleep by 6:30 or 7pm! So... it was a blessing to be ill and not feel lazy in taking some rest. :) ALSO, and this seems to happen regularly in the last 15 months, or so, I was really worried about affording the gas money for all our regular activities. Dum-da-da-dum: ILLNESS to the rescue! We still have gas in the van! What a hoot, huh? It's wonderful to be able to recognize and FEEL some of the blessings of the trials in my life. I'm still trying to figure out some of the others, but I don't give up easily on the thinking thing. My Mom says I think too much. I believe I think actively and that it enriches and fortifies my life and relationships!

My sister Evelyn had a beautiful wedding. I've been thinking about it a lot because at ETSY they're doing a special bunch of promotions for weddings and such. I even made one of the ornaments for sale in my shop thinking about her. Eves, can you guess which one it is? I'm sure you can!

Can you tell I'm totally enamored by ETSY and my shop and trying to contribute financiall to our fam? If you thought as much, you'd be right! I have such dreams! And if they come true... I'll have more time to write the stories straining to burst forth from the confines of my poor bedraggled and ever-so-tired brain. Oh, such stories.... Catch ya soon!

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