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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Day for Dance

No camera today, but the pictures are pretty typical. Cute, of course! :)

I do have to say, though, that Ria does NOT usually look this bored in class! They were in between songs during the tap portion of class at this point.

This is Ria posing after class. See my cadillac of a stroller behind her. It's THE best thing ever! It's a double stroller that converts (NO TOOLS) to a trailer you pull behind a bike!! It's awesome and I've loved, loved, LOVED having it. I found it at babyjogger.com, and, of course, when in stroller mode, it is very light and would be VERY easy to use as an all weather jogger because the whole thing is entirely enclosed. What an awesome income tax return purchase. It's about a year old now, but you wouldn't know it because I take very good care of it!

Kitty Kat is hamin' it up for this picture! She gets ready for dance class every week right along with Ria, even though she won't be able to begin ANY dance classes until she's 2... and that's only if there are enough registered children for a Mommy and Me class at that time AND if Mama is up to it with the new baby! I really hope to be because she loves dance class SO much and often dances along with the girls when she loves the music (this happens most often during tap class).

I just wanted to include another picture of Kathryn and didn't like the other dance class options. For whatever reason, Kitty loves to put her head to the side when I aim the camera at her. :)

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Feli said...

Ria looks sooo much like you Tori. :*)

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