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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some Funny, Some Sweet Pictures and Commentary

The are the most regulary attending of our JOY SCHOOL children.
Sage's two girls and mine. Both of our eldest daughters are VICTORIA!!!
How cool is that, right?

Our girls on the steps of a new playground.
Do you see the greenish colored van in the background? THAT, my dear friends, is one of the many amazing and wonderful gifts from Earth Angels that our family experienced last year. Tori's Uncle Mark Storms gave it to us. BUT, not only that, he drove it to us from LA, gave us money to get it registered, AND paid his own place ticket home! What a blessing!! And this whole thing was set in motion within the same weak that I gave up a fear I'd had about transportation for our family, were it to increase. I gave the fear up for trust in Heavenly Father! We received the van in November 2007 and we became pregnant with number 3 in January. So, Heavenly Father was preparing the way for transportation for our growing family! God IS good!!!!

Kitty Kat finds an egg. She had a lot of fun looking for the eggs, but probably would have enjoyed it as much if she had just watched Ria or tagged along behind her big sis.

Ria eating some candy BEFORE lunch! What a treat.

Here's Kat trying to find me so that I will help her get her shirt off.
She got it this far and just looked too funny to miss capturing!

She's actually chasing me to get the shirt off, but I laughed a lot while taking these pictures.

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