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Friday, March 14, 2008

Working, Always Working

Wanna See What I've Been Doing?
Work At Home, That's What!

Adding the stress of working at home has been interesting! And I've only been doing it for a week. The girls don't seem to mind me working at my work station, for the most part. But they really don't like when I'm on the computer for any span of time. Unfortunately, because I'm listing the things I make, my computer time is pretty high because the whole listing thing takes a while. I now TOTALLY understand why other sellers LOVE the relist feature. I hope I might be able to make use of that function, but I rather think I won't since each of my items is different from the others... completely unique can be bad, I suppose.

So, I thought I might post some pictures of my little work area, in case anyone was curious about that kind of thing. And then I'll add a few pictures of the things I've most recently created. :) I hope they are interesting to you! If you are SUPER interested you can connect to my shop through my torimade link or type in http://torimade.etsy.com/ I would love to have you visit me there. Of course, I'm still very new (I only opened my shop yesterday), so I only have a few things showing at the moment. I do have a few more to complete and list, so my shop will expand in the next 24-36 hours. It's sort of like labor! hahaha ^_^

So, this is it, yall! My itty-bitty work space is also my family's dinner table. Thankfully, we are all careful eaters! What a dream come true it will be to have a larger home and a room to work in. HEY! Didn't Virginia Wolf say something about that!? (Of course, you know, that I know, she DID!) Well, she may have been on to something, even if she was a bit of a femi-NAZI. Would you like to see my shtuff more closely? I bet you would! Well, let me help you with that.

And here you see the medium of my work: Sculpy polymer clay. I'm low on colors right now. Christmas uses most of my variety. I do love to mix, though. Marbeling is probably a fave!

A closer look at "The Top Shelf" of my work area. This is where things that could poke or break (except for many of my almost finished pieces) are kept when I'm not working.. So, that begs the question of why I took pictures when I wasn't working? Well, I wasn't really thinking about it in that way and cleaned up before I took pictures. Next time I'll make sure to leave everything in WORKING condition and take the majority of the pictures from my sitting positon.

This is a bit closer look at the pieces I was finishing up in my work area. When I was actually sitting to work, they were not all together and the whole area didn't look this neat, either.

Finally, the last picture of my work space. It's a bit better look at the pieces unbaked, in the dish, and you can even see some sketches. The one on the right is the first stage of my sister Evelyn's wedding gift! I may be replicating it for sale in my shop. The big differences between my gift items and shop items is the sig. GOLLY for gifts and TORIMADE for shop. Nice, huh?

Now on to closer views of the things I was making!

This is the Smiling Angel. Isn't it cool how she actually looks like she's smiling!? An accident of marbeling? ...or more? :) Well, it's art, so you make up your own mind!

I call this the Bird Angel because it looks, to me, like there is the silhoutte of a dove in the left hemisphere of her face. It could be just random swirls to someone else, though!

What kind of animal do you see in her face? I'm not really sure what to call it, but it looks animal-like and even sort of angry. So, I named this creation Animal Face Angel. I really like it, even if it does look angry! I think she's really pretty and even sweet looking.

So, there was another piece under construction at the time of the work space pictures. You can sort of see it there, but right now I'm way too tired of fending off my children to keep working and trying to upload that picture as well as reformatt everything else on the page. I really need to figure out how to work backwards on this thing so I can start with the picture I want on the bottom! UGH! It's a learning curve... and a big one since I've been offline for soooo long. Hope you've enjoyed!!! Come back and read me some more soon! ;)

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