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Friday, March 7, 2008

Turning a Corner

So, because of our protracted illness, I've missed my first ever La Leche League meeting. "Why?" you might ask, "Were you going to a meeting of that sort when you have successfully nursed one child until she was just older than 2 and are still successfully nursing your youngest, who is almost 17 months old?" Well, let me tell you... It's because of the pressure. You see, most people don't understand "extended breastfeeding". They think nursing is done when the baby is 6 months old. But, I know that nursing has so many benefits that are irreplacable that 6 months is not nearly long enough. And, as a matter of fact, 1 year is not long enough for my nurslings. There are women more dedicated than I who nurse well beyond 2 years, but TWO is my personal goal. Well, I've been questioned a few times about whether Kat was weaned or when I would wean her. I respond that she is not, nor do I feel any need to, but I still feel sort of weak... like I'm going to buckle under the pressure and just go mainstream, which isn't evil and horrible in all respects, but I would lose respect for myself if I did go there in this instance. So, I was hoping to make it to the LLL meeting to speak to other women who REALLY understand BFing and hopefully feel more resolved to continue on my good course. Since we missed, I'm just going to have to count on the two ladies I've spoken to on the phone. They've both said I could call any time, so I'm actually going to take them up on it, even though we've never met. Perhaps we may even become friends!

Ria is much better. She was actually worse off for a good while. Then we used the zapper and my cold pressed castor oil (on her chest) and she's seeming almost back to her self! I'm very happy. You don't know how out of it she was with this illness. Let me see if I can illustrate... she was lying down somewhere for the better part of the last week and a half. If she wasn't lying down, she looked like she should be. Her face was ashen and her eyes were circles of red and droopy lids. She walked unsteadily and whined a LOT more than normal. She was coughing, at the end, so much and so hard that she made herself gag and retch. And she had so much snot coming out of her nose it seemed like her poor little nose was a water faucet turned to leake steadily! So, even though the whining is up from norm, I'm glad to say the other visible symptoms have mostly abated. YEAY!

Kat is worse. She's snotting regularly (though not like a faucet) and her fever is up again. I can't help but think that I have extended this blight because I gave her some motrin for her ear ache last night. And you know, when you do that and it interferes with the fever, the illness is extended most of the time. :p ugh! ahwell, I'm doing my best.

Next week Jess works 6 nights. Not looking forward to that. I feel so much relief after he's been home (even though he might not DO a thing) for a couple nights a week. He was trying to work 6 mornings this week, but thankfully he didn't commit to the 6th day. I think I would have had a temper tantrum of my own if I'd not had some relief from these girls after this LONG week of illness. It's been made so long because we haven't had the regular activities to break up the days at home. Such is life when the babes are ill.

I've finally turned the corner in my mind to be able to spend a good deal of time working on the crochet projects stacked up in my brain! Let's see... there's my friend Tom's little girl, my sisters' THREE to make something-or-others for, and then my regular projects for my own bebe, plus I want to try to get some things made to sell on Etsy! So much to do and less than 8 months to finish it all in. I really BETTER get bookin. Wish me luck!

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