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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

Ok, so this week I will move into week TWELVE of my pregnancy. I use all caps for the number because, for the first time during this pregnancy AND since the ONLY time it happened ONCE waaAAAyyy back when I was preggie with Ria, I BARFED!!!! It wasn't a simple little upchuck. I totally lost my breakfast! I've been all weak and tired since. WOAH is me! Actually, just joking about that last part. I actually don't feel THAT bad about it. I'm just sorta scared that this will become a regular sort of thing. How strange, though, huh???

So, last night, after hours of loving labor, I delivered a beautiful Angel Shelting Nursing Mother And Child! Oh, man am I happy with this piece!!!!! I'm going to include an annoying number of pictures because I'm just so very tickled with it. This particular item is actually going for a trade with another ETSIAN. She's at http://savonara.etsy.com/ I'm really excited about her products, especially because it seems that Kitty is coming down with eczema! :( She's pretty unhappily itchy!

So, in the face of the Angel, do you see the heart(s)?? In the face of the Mother (middle) I see a profile of a smiling woman!!! And, in the baby, do you see the profile of a pudgy baby forehead and cheek? I DO!!! The neatest... darndest part is that these were all "accidents" of marbling.

Just some "viewage" of the piece in process.

The three together. What do you think??

I also finished a little boy who is holding flowers behind his back. I'm thinking this will be a great Mother's Day gift for some LUCKY Mama! Actually, when I was making the little boy, I kept thinking of my nephew, JJ! :) Let's see what my Mom has to say about that when the pictures become available.

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