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Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Odd Sort of Adoption

Yesterday, Jessie's friend, Jerry, came over to spend some time with Jess. Since Jess only has one night off each week right now, that time meant the family was present as well. Jerry was hanging out while Jessie was getting things prepared for Ria's Surprise Birthday Party. Kathryn actually went right to Jerry and asked, via raised arms and a little whine, for him to hold her! If you don't know, this is TOTALLY UNcharacteristic behavior for Kitty Kat.

A short while later Ria came over to Jess and me and asked really quietly if she could call Jerry "Baba". We both thought it was strange, but told her she needed to ask him. So, after a little shy weirdness, she did. He didn't really know what to say at first. Then he asked if she didn't have a grandfather. I explained that both her Grampas were living, she called one Pop and the other Papa and that we didn't really know where the "Baba" thing was coming from. Then I turned to Ria and asked, "Why do you want to call Mr. Jerry 'Baba'?" She said, "Because I don't have a Baba." There you have it... I don't know what Baba means to her, but I guess it's something special. So, Jerry consented to be called Baba. Ria AND Kat were both very pleased and kept singing, over and over to the point of terrific annoyance, at least to me, "Baba, Baba, Baba..."

After Jerry left Kat sort of fell asleep. She'd been very tired during his visit. When she woke up she asked, "Baba?" We had to remind her that he'd left. She watched him go and was very upset about it because Jessie left the house when he did (and I think Kat thought he was leaving for work). It was a traumatic event, so the fact that she forgot he left was pretty funny, at least to me.
Changing focus to my "obsession" as of late; Ria has some Angels for sale in my Etsy shop. She's so very excited about them. I'm happy to do it because she'll pay tithing with any money earned and then put the rest in her special savings account. That savings account is the one she usually only has to put 10% of all her income/earnings/gift $/etc. This is the account that will remain untouched until she is 18+. So, it's a good thing! If you haven't been there lately, you really should check out her little angels. They are terribly sweet!

The following are some pictures of the Little Boy I mentioned before. I imagine him either as, literally, a little boy presenting flowers to his Mom for Mother's Day. OR... as the metaphoric "Little Boy" in every man when he's done something wrong and needs to appologize; whether to Mom, friend, or lover!

I should not that "Little Boy" was unbaked at the time of the pictures, thus also unglossed. I had to hold my hand oddly for the perspective picture because the flowers are very delicate and I didn't want to smoosh them. :)
http://torimade.etsy.com/ The Little Boy is not listed yet, but will be before too much longer. I specifically included the link, though, in case you haven't seen Ria's Angels!!

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