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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Story Time and Work Today

We actually made it back to Story Time at our Beach Library today. It's been 3 weeks since we went last. It took me that long to feel energetic enough to walk there. Last week I could have gone, had I been willing to drive there. But I really wasn't willing to drive TWO blocks! UGH. The only time I drive there is when/if we have an errand before or after.

Ria was totally engrossed in the stories today. That was really nice to see because sometimes she's much more interested in the other children. After the story we made little square Easter Baskets. It was nice and the girls had fun. We didn't get to go to the playground afterward because Kat had a stinky butt and I didn't have diapers or wipes in the trailer (stroller). ahwell

The rest of the day, thus far, has been work on items to sell. I did, of course, have to make lunch and then we did eat it when Jess came home, but that was about an hour worth of the day.

Ria has made 2 really wonderful Angels to sell. She's so excited and wants to work with me most of the time I'm working on creating the pieces. She has actually even said she wants to do the listing. She may sit with me when we list her pieces, but I'll have to do the majority of the inputting and such, as you might imagine.

Anyway, today I finished my first personalized "doll". I tried out the whole face thing and just didn't like where it was going. So, I'm sticking with only impressions of a face. I'm adding hair and clothes and if there's a really significant feauture or attitude I can imitate, I will. My first one turned out quite well. It's a gift, but I think I'm going to try post it with the picture I used as a model. I will photoshop the picture first to take out the face of the little girl for whose Mom I made it. Hopefully I'll have that up in my shop (http://torimade.etsy.com/) tonight sometime.

I'm taking a break right now from making a little girl giving flowers. This is an idea Heidi suggested/inspired and I hope she will be pleased with the outcome. :) Of course, I have been thinking about Heidi as I've made it because I don't think I would have had the idea on my own, but I've also thought about my girls and Evelyn! Evelyn is actually why it will be holding the particular flowers it will hold. I don't even know if these flowers are a favorite of hers anymore, but I remember them being particularly interesting to her a while back. You should check it out!

I'm very excited after the visit with my midwife, Karen, yesterday AND the library visit today. As I was going back to the exam room in my midwife's office she mentioned that the area to the left, a display case, was specifically for her mothers to display items to promote their stay-at-home business. Immediately I mentioned that I'd just started up a business of my own and gave her a card. She told me I should definitely set up a display! So, I'm definitely going to do that! I'm so excited!!! Then, this morning, I shared my card with my librarian, Ruth, and she told me that I should put business cards on the "take it" table. And then she went on to suggest that I could bring in any extra pieces to display (with price tags) and she would be happy to put them up on some of her shelves. She displays paintings and such that are for sale, so she considered it sort of the same thing. So, I'm so excited!!!! I have two physical places to sort of advertise/sell and perhaps they will also increase interest in my shop!!!! :) Oh, I'm so hopeful!!!

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