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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why We Run Drills

So, today was a good day.

Right up until the very end, that is.

At the end it didn't turn horrible or anything...
but something very...


did happen.

Wanna know?
Wanna see?

(then show)

Well, it happened while
I was cleaning up Jmy
(to rinse the hair
from his freshly buzzed head)
and then quickly rinse the sweat from the hot day
and hair from his cut off me
as well.

Ria, Kat and Tea were
to be getting PJs on.

When what to my wondering eyes should I see...
but Kitty Kat running straight to-ward me.
She was streaked in blood from her head to her...
And Ria freaked out
like a nervous little nelly.  ;)
Mama sent her away to stop the additional scare,
while noticing Kat kept her eye on the mirror with great care.

Pressure applied to that cut by a Mama.
and right into the shower
I whisked my poor Kat.
Washed away that darn blood
and calmed my girl down.
Then a request of my sweet Ria:
"Emergency call to Daddy, right now.
Just like we've practiced.
Yes, you KNOW how!"

And away my girl went.
The call was placed carefully.
She spoke to the woman,
oh so clearly,
"I need to speak to Jessie Gollihugh
right now.
This is an emergency."

The phone was quickly given.
The message from daughter to Father relayed.
And Daddy sped home,
to give us his aid.

The practice we'd done,
the drills we had run,
all paid off quite well,
reaffirming preparedness...
you don't have to, ME, sell!!!

Kat all bandied up and feeling quite special.

A close-up of the decorated bandages adorning her freshly cared-for cut
(so she could see them and be pleased).
I specially decorated the bandaids to cheer the good sport of a patient.  :)

As an aside:
 I was recently condemned for running drills with my children
because condemning person said I was teaching fear, not Faith.
I did not argue the point with said person, opinions are opinions.
BUT I refuse to stop doing,
and I refuse to constantly question
the things the Lord directs me to do.
His Ways are not our ways.
I will trust in my God!
He is EVER Faithful.
It is my challenge to always be so!

Basically all head injuries bleed profusely.
IF you haven't seen one (I hope you won't have to) it can be rather alarming.
I've seen a few.  So this was nothing real new.
I totally kept my cool.
One of my GOOD MAMA moments, I must say!  :)
And we took care of bizness.
All is well.  Kat is fine.
The culprit who caused the harm
is also well and fine.
Alls well that ends well.

Pointing out some silver around what could seem a cloud to many:
1. Daddy did NOT get a ticket when he sped home at 80 miles per hour (in a 35MPH zone)!
Jessie DID pass a Police Officer going the other way...
YEAY for God's mercies!!!
2. I'm certain some lessons have been learned
by three little girls,
which wouldn't have sunk in quite so well
without the difficult circumstances of this particular experience.
3. It could've been SO much worse!
Did you SEE how close to her eye that cut is!!??
For cryin' out loud... it could've been SO much worse!!!
I bear you my testimony that God was present and protecting
when I actually could not be!
Aint He great!!!?

To Conclude:
We, of this Gollihugh Family,
are EVER grateful for His constant, tender care
and awesome mercies!
Praise the Lord and Bless His Holy Name!!!!


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vicki said...

I, too, an grateful for His ever constant care.
congrats for keeping your cool!
When you were about 2 we were visiting a friend and her son injured himself in a minor fall. He had a very bloody mouth (another area that bleeds profusely-hit right). That mommy panicked, freaked, just went crazy! I ended up slapping her to get her to calm down. Her lack of 'cool' made the situation so very bad and did more harm to her son than the little, very bloody wound.
I am so very glad you do the drills! I am with you in that they are of great value.
Good mama!
with love

Jenny said...

What a good idea! It's never even remotely occurred to me to teach my children to call their dad for an emergency. Very smart.

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