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Friday, July 20, 2012


I have no interest in going back to college while still bearing children.  Let me rephrase, I have no desire to overburden myself with attemping to do school while also hoping to have more littles come into our family.  I have felt often Led of the Lord to information that was pertinent to my development, both Spiritually and to broaden my horizons and open my eyes.  Yet, I have missed the schedule of assignments and discussions Uni offered... especially in Literature and Art.

Unfortunately, I do not foresee a way I could take another studio art class any time in the near-ish future.

However, I just recently ran across (okay, more likely: Heavenly Father Led me to what I'm sharing with you, to be compeletely honest) a way to take/do college level courses for free.  I'm pretty excited.  Not just for the information and deadlines, but for the discussions... all done from home.  All free.  Oh, and most of them provide a certificate of completion at the end, assuming you qualify and have actually completed the course.

Neat, right?

And did I mention... an "all imporant" aspect for far too many folks out there is that many of the Professors teaching these courses are Profs at prestigious universities like Princeton, Duke, Stanford, UVA, etc.

Did I mention... the classes are free and very few require you to purchase anything for them.

One exception I've run across is a Literature class.  It's inescapeable.  I mean, it's illegal to copy text for free online dispersal if the author is alive or the year in which we live is within 50 years of the author's death.  So, there are a couple books one must purchase or borrow from the library for that class.  Still, it's pretty awesome in my book.  ;)

Wanna know where you can do such a thing?  You can google the title of this post OR click HERE.

Let me know what you think!  Especially if you think it's as neat (or any degree of neat-ness) like me.  ^_^

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