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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Standing on My Mothers Shoulders

"You're an amazing woman."  My Mom said to me.

"I'm just trying to be like you."  I said in reply.

"Oh, I think you are above and beyond!"  My Mom said, most humbly.

Perhaps she's right.  Perhaps not.  But if she's right, it's only because she came before.  It's only because she broke some bonds, which have freed me to rise higher than she ever could, cause she was tied down... and then, she's put me on her shoulders to reach ever higher.

And that's just how it goes.  Each generation has made agreements.  Some of the agreements, surely, we believed would not be an issue.  Because we knew better than they did (before we arrived in these mortal tabernacles, who our parents are.  And we were sure, I believe, that they would overcome so much more (?) than they did, so the potential bonds we were agreeing to would be broken and the necessity of carrying burdens would be eased because they had broken and carried by them for us.

Regardless of the level or degree of their accomplishment, we have been freed far more than we can understand given our sight, level of comprehension of eternal matters, and so forth which are part and parcel of this life.

I know my Mom broke some very specific bindings as well as many other forms of bindings (I may not comprehend at this time) to which I'm certain I agreed to accept as part of my mortal sojourn before I was born (I'm not as well aquainted with my Dad's childhood to know if such is true of him, too).  But I do know to some small degree some of the bindings that my Mom broke, of those that were passed to her from her Mom and Dad.  She's freed me and my siblings by so doing.  What a blessing!

And so I am raised to stand on my Mother's shoulders by her life and efforts to live righteously and do as our Heavenly Father would have her do.  And so, I continue to try to be like her... to so live as to break bonds, fulfill agreements, and lift my own children.

Isn't that what we all do as parents!?!!??  :)

1 comment:

vicki said...

I like what you wrote.
Yep there were some bonds broken. I certainly see that. One, of course, is religion. I am so grateful my mother's reason for retaining her religion, "it's tradition," is one I could not embrace.
Love to you.

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