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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mirror Mirror: a poem reflecting, "Essene" style

Mirror mirror on the wall
who's the fatest one of all?

Can it be
other than me?

And ugly is the next for you.
Could it be someone new?

Of course the answer's always me.
For it's my belief I'm here to see.

So when my sweet Kat-girl tells me true
that she thinks she's ugly, too....

she's reflecting right back
a truth upside my head to smack!

A truth I think is horribly true,
but fill it full of negative feelings of rue.

It's a gift to know the whys
and the silliness of my own lies...

to me, myself, and I, I told
within them, to myself, enfold.

Now, to break free
and to become truly me.

Where to begin?
For this race, I will win.

Where to start?
Yes, before I'm an old fart!

What to do?
Please, give me a clue!

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vicki said...

WE can't have our beautiful Kat perpetuating the ugly untruth.

Tori said...

I know.

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