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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dream Tea and Remembering Dreams

I think dreams are neat.

I don't particularly like the ones after which I feel yuck, but even those have their worth. I'm not sure what the worth is of too many of them, but I'm sure they serve some purpose or other.

Although I know we are told we dream every night, it’s been some times since I regularly remembered my dreams.  I like to remember them.  I feel some sense of accomplishment when I can remember them.  And then there are those that are actual communication from above.  Those, I have to say, are THE coolest.  But if I’m not remembering my dreams, maybe I’m missing out on some of those communications.

Yes, I know my subconscious retains it, but I want to remember it at the front of my mind and have the opportunity to ponder on and consider the dreams.

So, when I was, as far as I knew, still preggie, Jess and I decided to buy some bulk herbs that could help with the pregnancy.  Mountain Rose Herbs is a great company to go with, I think. I've purchased from them before and I have always been pleased with their products.  This was my first bulk herb and tea purchase.  I continue to feel just as pleased as I did with the other products I'd purchased previously.

One tea I bought is supposed to help the drinker remember their dreams.  Thus far, it is DEFINITELY working for me.  I've remembered bits and pieces since the first night I drank it and last night I remembered quite a bit more.

For instance, I remembered that I was single and there were a hand-ful of guys wooing me.  This was particularly pleasant because I have been asking Jessie to do just that... woo me.  It would've been better if HE had been the woo-er.  But the dream was nice, none-the-less.

So, the point?  I highly recommend this tea.  That's all.  Hopefully I'll be an affiliate soon and you can buy through me!  ^_^  I'm not one yet, but I'll let you know if I become one... or look around here and maybe you'll see a button or banner to get to them through me.

1 comment:

vicki said...

It seems I don't dream. I'm sure I just don't remember my dreams, and Iwould like to. Lemme know when you start distributing.

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