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Monday, July 23, 2012

Meditation Monday

Monday, July 16 Day 15 of CAM  ti, nr (4m), mfa (5m), kk (31m), cam (5m), ch (4m), to. Total about: 51 minutes.

Tingles in my hands and arms especially during cam.

July 17 Day 16 of CAM   ti, nr (4m), mfa (5m), kk (31m), cam (5m), ch (8m), to. Total about: 55 minutes.

The most interesting aspect o f meditation today was when the tingling set in... during calm heart. I guess I didn't have a long enough rest between cam and ch. :)

I think I may change my format of this posting each week from the daily update/journal to a comment on any highlights from the preceeding week. :)

July 18 Day 17 of CAM  ti, mfa (5m), kk (31m), cam (5m), ch (6m), to.  Total about: 49 minutes.

Felt tingling in hands and arm at the very end.  Also big fullness in my hands.  Very interesting feeling.

July 19 Day 18 of CAM ti, mfa (3m), kk (7m), cam (3m), ch (5m), to.  Total about: 20 minutes.

Felt amazing tightness in my upper arms after cam even though I only did 3 minutes.  One thing that's nice and, for me, good about doing a shorter meditation period like today, is that I get to feel the improvements in my endurance.  Three minutes of meditation for addiction and conquering anger meditation used to feel like it was killing me.  Not so this time.  CAM was still difficult, but not nearly so much as it was in the beginning.  YEAY for improvements!  ^_^

July 20 Day 19 of CAM  ti, mfa (3m), kk (7m), cam (3m), ch (5m), to. Total about: 20 minutes.

Definitely getting stronger.  Nothing special to report for today.

July 21 Day 20 of CAM  ti, mfa (5m), kk (31m), (4 minutes of silence) cam 5(m), ch (5m), to. Total about:  52 minutes.

It's amazing how much difference some fatigue makes.  At least, I think that's what my experience is about.  Maybe it's just useful to have a couple days, now and then, to reduce the meditation time.  'Cause I have to tell you, each of the meditations just absolutely flew by today!  Even the mfa and cam, which are the physically intense ones for me.  For mfa, I didn't even check the time until it'd been 4 minutes.  And cam I checked when I was almost completely done.  neat stuff!

Sunday, July 22 Day 21 of CAM  ti, mfa (3m), kk (13m), cam (3m), ch (5m), to. Total about:  26 minutes.

Felt good to meditated right after waking up, but didn't experience anything 'reportable.'  :)

CHECK HERE for the YouTubes from which I learned these meditations.

t-i = tune-in
nr = neck roll
mfa = meditation for addiction
kk = kirtan kriya
cam = conquering anger meditation
ch = calm heart meditation
t-o = tune-out

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