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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Gush Inspired by Another Blogger

So, July 19, 2012 I was reading a few new blogs as I entered my own blog into some "parties" and felt inspired by many of them.  While reading one particular post, though, I felt an absolute need... urging from the Holy Spirit, to do a little gushing of my own on my blog.

We've had our downs and some good ups.  Lots of downs, unfortunately, have been really recent.  And though I have not shared details, those in my day-to-day life have been all too aware that I have been having a difficult time dealing with whatever it is I've had to deal with (this is prior to the spontaeous abortion).  Anyway, I know I've shared it before, but it's pertinent here because of some of my reasons for this post.

One reason I'm going to share what I share in a moment is because I'm striving to feed the good wolf in me.  I recognize that the evil one will always live, but I'd rather it survive in a state of starvation.  So... here we go!


This post is me gushing about what is good about my man.  He is a good man.  He, too, has duality of wolves within... but I've already openly acknoweldged my imperfection.  I must also accept his and we can move on together in peace after we come to acceptance of our humanity!  ^_^


Our kiddos get to be child of the week.  This is pertinent because while they do look forward to "their week" for all of the perks (like they get to say most of the prayers for the family for the whole week, they get to choose their seat for the week, and if there is something else that arises that is sort of special they might get precedence in the position of "honor" or some such nonsense).  This practice has eliminated untold amounts of bickering in our home and I LOVE that about it!!!  But for all the reasons that they love it, their most favorite... the reason they talk about for days leading up to and the rest of the week after is the fact that "their week" means they get to go on a Daddy Daughter Date.  (Jmy hasn't entered the official calendar yet, but I know the need is growing.)

Jessie takes the children along while he runs errands.  While this might not sound like a wonderful date, the girls LOVE it!  They love shopping in any and all forms (can they be mine??!!) and spending time with Daddy while they get to shop... well, that's just the tippy tippy top of "best of" for them!  ^_^  And Jess makes their time special.  There is a special pad of paper in his car that they get to use to write while they drive.  He gives them his iPod to listen to if they want.  They can chat away if that's what they prefer.  And they LOVE all of it!

I know Jess enjoys this time with our girls.  But I also know that he enjoys time on his own, too... and grocery shopping used to be (before we began these DDDs over 6 months ago) some time he would get to be on his own and not have to be at work.  I'm so unbelievably grateful for the sacrifice of alone time he makes to grant our girls time with him!

Second Gush

I have been rather down a LOT more than normal for me.  While my strength is returning (since the spontaneous abortion), it is slow going.  I'm sure if I'd started out a fit female, I would be fine by now.  But I am what I am... extra fluffy... and some gastro-intestinal problems on top.  So, it is what it is as a result.

Jessie has been super wonderful through the two weeks of bleeding and since then.  He's not fussin' about the clutter.  He's not griping that the rabbits area hasn't been cleaned up.  He IS, for the most part, being very kind and uncomplaining.  And that makes a HUGE difference in my book because I feel baddly enough about not managing things well as my body heals.

And the other day... he took the broom from my hands and began sweeping.  THAT has NEVER happened before!  And what a blessing to me that he did such a thing!  Of course, I got the other broom and set to work elsewhere (twice the hands, half the time at work)... but it was just WONDERFUL to feel his love in such a way!

Third Gush

I won't go in to detail on this one.  But I don't need to.  For, you see, the primary reason for this whole post is for my man to know that I see.  That ICU, JessieWho, is still true.

This special acronym (ICU) means a great deal to me... and, I hope, my fella.  When we were dating, I had an idea (I was not going to church, so it seemed pretty unique and romantic to me) from a Chicken Soup for the Soul book to have a sort of motto for our relationship.  So, I came up with "I Choose You."  The acronym for it: ICU has a double meaning.  First, of course, it is an literal acronym for I Choose You.  But it is also a phrase of meaning in and of iteself.  It also means: "i see(C) you(U)."

This is important.  Because in relationships, we can all too easily either only see our spouse as an extension of ourself (flesh of my flesh) or through tinted 'glasses' that do not reveal who THEY are, but who we think they are because of our own life's experiences... or who we want them to be because of expectations of what marriage means, etc.  "ICU" is a promise we made to keep choosing each other, come what may, AND to work to see each other for who we each are.  This is, of course, in opposition to the seeing him as an extension of who I am or who I would like him to be.

So, Jessie, I see the changes you are working to make.  I see and feel the differences.  I am so grateful.  Keep on keepin' on.  Please.  I will, too.  K?  ICU.  Love, Your Girl Forever.

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