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Monday, July 30, 2012

It's All Interesting

Or not.

For the past week

I would have to say that the good is that everyone who was sick is mostly getting better.  YEAY!

The bad: only I was able to go to church on Sunday.  Although Ria could've gone, maybe, Jessie didn't want her to because she did cough a few times.  Not the horrible cough it has been, but still a cough.

The ugly: me.  Okay, well, I don't suppose I actually look all that different from the week before or, even, a month before... but I sure do FEEL ugly!  It's rotten, this feeling I've been feeling!  Seriously!  At least I think I sorta understand it.  Had my first visit from Aunt Flo start Friday night/Saturday morning... this is the first real one since Jmy was born (almost 18 months ago) and definitely the first one since the miscarriage (only about 3 weeks ago).

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1 comment:

vicki said...

Hope all are still well and that you aren't feeling ugly, especially with what our Kat conveyed.

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