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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love; a River

Always flowing
changing, growing.

This love I feel for you.
Yet forever: true blue.

At inception,
meant for fun.

But then it changed.
Everything re-arranged.

The glacier melted,
by you: smelted.

Rock metal rivers through the wold ran.
Water river: Love, from ice, began.

Metal ahead of us rolled.
Various types, our fave: gold.

Laid the bed on which our love would flow.
And it surely has, don't you know.

That bed, though metal
did not smoothly settle.

So, we've had to battle our way
through many a turbulent day.

But though we may bubble and froth
We do not over-long remain wroth.

As does a real river,
our love grows, always it does deliver.

And when, one day, this mortal life has its end,
our river of love will, into the infinite ocean blend.

Not a drop will be lost.
No matter the cost.

For the infinite mind
is ever so kind.

There we will reside.
Amid the tide.


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Brian Miller said...

smiles...this is beautiful...i love that not a drop will be lost and in th end just blend together amid the tide forever...

Peggy said...

I like the idea of love being like a river. Neat metaphor here. Thanks for sharing at Poetry Jam!

Mary Mansfield said...

Love this, Tori! The rhyme and rhythm just help this flow right along. Especially love this stanza:

"And when, one day, this mortal life has its end,
our river of love will, into the infinite ocean blend."

Tori said...

Brian and Mary, thank you for sharing parts of the poem that you liked in particular. :)

Peggy, Brian, and Mary: thank you for reading and commenting! ^_^

vicki said...

I enjoyed the comments b/c (horrible to admit) I don't have the appreciation of poetry that I would like to have.

Loredana Donovan said...

Beautiful love poem. I like the line, "love from ice began." True love just melts your heart :) Thank you for visiting my blog.

Helen said...

... 'wherever. forever.' ~~ the perfect way to end your poem.

Tori said...

Thank you all for taking time out of your day to read my lil' poem! I appreciate the time and energy you spent to come here and to make the kind and supportive comments you've made! Thank you!!

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