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Friday, May 2, 2008

Little Mamas

While I was eating my breakfast the girls were actively taking care of their babydolls this morning! It was so sweet to watch the way they interacted with the babies!

Ria was very calmly sitting. She nursed her baby and sat with it. She hummed a little and moved it around a bit. She was very calm and gentle, making sure the blanket was snuggly wrapped. She asked, every-so-often, if I thought she was a good Mama. OF COURSE!

Kat was something else entirely. She was very concerned that the (too small) blanket stay around her baby, so she brought it to me to fix a number of times. But for a while she sat in her little chair next to Ria under the front window and sort of investigated her babydoll. She worked hard to balance her babydoll across her lap so she could sit still while holding it and move its appendages. After it was balanced adequately, she put the little doll's foot (one by one) up to her hand, as if measuring them against her. Then she investigated her baby's hands, one at a time, and put them each against her own hand.

Now, I'm sure Ria did similar things when she was first pretending to be a Mama, but it's been a while. This is the first week that Kat has been actively spending time with her babydoll each day. Previously, she would play with a doll or stuffed animal (usually wearing them in a sling) for a little while one day and not play with it again for a week or more.

Oh, we also saw our midwife today. It was a nice visit. I was able to put a few items I've made up in her office. She was very pleased and impressed. I think she most liked the nursing mama... and was just thrilled to learn her gift would be something similar. (It's sort of traditional for families to give home-birth midwives a gift after the birth.) Karen listened AND heard the baby's heart today with a little buttonless trumpet looking thing. I canNOT remember the name of it. I'm sure, if you REALLY wanted to see what it looked like, you could find it by looking for a fetoscope (like a stethascope, but specifically made to listen for BABY heartbeats). We learned for the first time (how did I miss this??) that when trying to "hear" a baby's heartbeat with these devices you almost feel it as much as hear it! So... that's why the fetoscope has that funny headrest thingy!!! hahahaha ^_^

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New England Quilter said...

I love the babystrology on your blog! It sounds like your little ones are getting ready to be loving big sisters.

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