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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dance Recital and Pshaw!

This morning we missed Story Time because we had to go to the Flagler Auditorium to buy tickets for Ria's Dance Recital. They run $12 per adult and $8 per child. Yeah, I know! So, my Dad is the lucky Farrell to get to come for Ria's VERY FIRST dance recital. She's very excited!!! The tickets went on sale at 8:30am, but I thought it was 9am. There was a long line when I arrived. So, with both girls in tow, of course, we had to wait FORTY-FIVE minutes!!! And then, we still only got MIDDLE seats!!!!! ARGHHH! Well, I'll know for next year!!

Jess does this weird/silly thing when he's trying to coax smiles out of one of us. He'll act all sarcastic and make a noise that sounds sort of like "PSHAW" but not quite. Sometimes it's only "PSH". Anyway, tonight, as every night, Kat was trying to do things to stay awake. And after pushing Mama to the brink of leaving with the kicks and trying to lay on top of me, she started making Daddy's noise! It was pretty funny. Unfortunately, I couldn't laugh. So I just laid there quietly, pretending to ignore her, while I'm giggling inside and feeling amazed at how children imitate the weirdest things!

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