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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Story Time and an Unexpected Night Off

We had a lovely morning of going to the library and playing at the playground today. It was so completely wonderful, in fact, that I completely forgot to watch the time and we arrived inside at 1:50pm. That was alarming for me because I usually start our big family meal at 1pm. So my mind was jumping trying to think of something I could make in under 20 minutes! I settled on scrambled egg sandwiches. Thankfully we haven't really had those much in the last few months, so it was a nice "new" meal. :)

I was having such a good time and lost track of time because there were two really wonderful ladies at the library with their children today. Sue, especially, is just such a magnet to me... she has this aura of peace and joy about her. I felt as if I couldn't NOT spend time with her. And when I did talk with her she was just wonderful... she was really interested and interesting. She also WANTS to have another child, which is really attractive to me because so many of the women with whom I have (and do) associate are either ambivalent or completely uninterested in welcoming more children to their families. Those feelings make ME feel really uncomfortable because of how I feel about children and the Lord's Will. I am still friends with the ladies like that, but I feel a sort of yawning gap in my ability to relate to them. All of the women of whom I'm speaking have either 1, 2, or 3 children. The women I know who have 4+ and feel the way I'm referrring to, I can sort of understand. But less than 4 and feeling that way?? Ahwell...

The other lady, Jessica, would also like to have another child/more children and she lives right here in my town!!! Actually, she lives two blocks south of me. So, that is wonderful to me because she's also very motivated about dropping pounds (has already lost over 40 on her own) and she walks 4 miles daily (on a treadmill). So, potential for a walking buddy!? She told me today that she almost stopped at my house one day because she thought it was where I lived, but didn't because she wasn't sure. So, I'm excited and hopeful to have another friend right here in town! ^_^

If you're interested in more on my beliefs and feelings about welcoming children into our family (or any family), just leave me a comment and I'll make a whole post about it! ^_^

Jess just came home. Thus, the unexpected night off!! I'm hoping the drizzle/rain will stop and give me an hour to walk in a few hours because I would really love to walk alone. It would be my first walk alone in two weeks. So, tonight has the potential to be a bit of a night off for both of us!

He's talking about fishing at the beach, so we may do that as a family (if the water from the sky ceases). Jess actually wants to go right now, even with the rain. But Mama has to be the guardian of everyone (health in particular). We'll see.

Oh, I'm 20 weeks and 1 day preggie now. And get this, I has SUCH an upset tummy last night (for hours!) that I asked Jess to stop on his way home and pick up some Ginger Ale and Coke. I had the Ginger Ale right when he got home and felt much better.

I don't normally and haven't had ANY caffeine to drink in months and months, but I've heard SO much about how Coke stops the BLAHs in their tracks. I wanted to have some on hand if I feel like I did last night. At one point I thought I would have to run to the bathroom it was so bad! (That all happened well after the walk. You know, when I felt like I was ill and it went away when I stopped walking toward the bridge.) Anyway, it could all be tied into hormone surges or something. And I'm cool with that, but I will use what I can to soothe it, too. Ya know? ^_^ Of course, if it was something more powerful than Coca Cola I probably would just buck up and deal with it, but I would like to have relief from the YUCKIES if they come on again like they did last night. It was just crazy!

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