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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dance Class Day

Yesterday was Dance Class, of course. It was a mostly really good day. I didn't accomplish much of anything around the house, but felt more relaxed and calm than I have in a while. (NICE!) We did go to dance class. The girls are plugging along in their practice and loving class, it seems. The mothers are becoming nervous about all the rehersals and plans for the recital. It's pretty funny. For two reasons... we have so many different dates/times to remember AND it really is going to cost a bit for the thing, all said and done. There's the costume, which, to me, is a TOTALLY good investment (of $48) for a really cute ballerina costume that BOTH girls will wear as dress up into the distant future. It actually should have been significantly more because the girls usually do TWO dances (one costume each), but this year they are only doing one.

We also have to make sure to have the right kind/color tights, which run about $15. Then there's the pictures, which wouldn't be so bad if our extended family could attend, but they cannot, so we want to send pictures: $60! Addditionally, the video is $30 and since I've had at least one request for that (possibly 2) I'll be purchasing that as well. It's $30 if you purchase in ADVANCE, which tells me that it will cost more if you wait until the recital to pay. YIKES. A bit of a profit margin on that baby, would ya say??

Then there's the flowers thing... you can buy a flower for your dancer ($5 for ONE!!!) and there's a spot to put in a donation for the teacher. We're not buying a flower for Ria from the florist FOR the recital. I will get some myself and give them to her = $5. Perhaps when she's older I'll do the whole stage presentation thing? I'm not sure if I'll be doing the donation or a handmade gift for the teacher... I haven't started MAKING anything... so it looks like it might be a donation = $5. Who knows.

Then there's the group picture, which I definitely want for Ria: $15.

I purchased a long-sleeved leotard because Ria has been VERY concientous about modesty (specifically regarding shoulders) and I want to encourage thato we are covering hers for the recital with a longsleeved leotard! The leotard had to be nude to go under the costume = $20.

And, of course, I still have to pay for regular classes = $40 per month. So, what have we here for the last month of dance class? 40+48+15+60+30+5+5+15+20=$238 I just hope there aren't any unknown amounts and on the bright side, it could have been significantly more!

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