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Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 13

Jessie is almost through the critical first two weeks of becoming a non-smoker. I think it would be an even more critical time period if he wasn't using any nicorette, but he's barely using it. Last time he told me (this weekend) he was down to using only 2 each day. the package suggests 9 for the first 2 weeks. He started at 3 (4 one day) and is down from that! I'm so impressed!!!

So, what do YOU think about all the "food shortage" issues abounding in the news? I, for one, am feeling heightened anxiety about my food storage. The same thing happened (well, not as severly in the news) the last time I was preggie. And, as it happens, the anxiety was a HUGE blessing. I acted on it and purchased a 3 month supply of food. We used almost all of it, living off of food storage almost exclusively, right before and after our move here! So, I feel like this is another blessing. It may not be that the world is going to have a famine in the imminent future, though I DO believe that is a sort of eventuality as a part of these last days, but I really believe that the feeling I'm having is directing me to make some significant additions to our stores (which are NOT up to the 3 month limit we have in FL). We're doing it!!! Even though we might "need" to replace the car, we're going to make sure we have food storage in place before considering that. I'm so grateful Jess understands my feelings, sometimes... like the fact that this anxiety could be a really good indication that we may need what I desperately want to provide for our family, in the very near future!

I don't think I mentioned that my midwife ROCKS! I did mention that we saw her on Friday. After I weighed in, saw the same weight, and she said, "You go girl!" I explicitly spoke to her about my weight. I told her about how I was working to become more fit AND really hoped to lose a certain number of pounds. Her response? "Go for it!" She's completely confident that the baby (or babies??!) are growing well. I measured 19 centimeters and am actually only 17 weeks. (You're supposed to measure the same as your weeks.) So, she's probably going to pressure me about ultrasound if the gap increases as my pregnancy progresses. (At the last appointment I was 12 weeks and measured 13 centimenters.) With Ria I measured 2 cent. higher until really near the end. And with Kat I measure 2 high until I was about 20 weeks. So, it will be interesting to see what happens this time around. :)

On the subject of fitness... I accomplished my goal of walking 5 days for 1 hour each day last week. YEAY!!! I feel really good about that. I also did a really leasurely walk on another day. The girls were both walking, so it was REALLY slow for me.

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Heidi said...

Great job with the walking! Sounds like things are going well!

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